How To Change Google Background Image

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Similar to the way Chrome is preferred as the default web browser by most users, Google is the default search engine in most of the cases. But are you bored of the regular plain white Google background every time you open a new tab to search something? Well, you are in luck, there are ways to make the Google Chrome homepage more stylish by changing the background images and personalizing it. It definitely looks much cooler when you have used the background options mentioned here.

There are two ways with which you can do that. One will change the complete background of Chrome including Google using themes. While another one lets you set various types of images and even upload your own images as the Google background. We are going to mention both of them for you. So let’s begin.

If you also use Firefox then you can also change Firefox background color, theme and wallpaper.

Steps To Change Google Chrome Theme

This method will totally change the look and feel of Chrome tabs and the homepage. It will let you change the tab colors, or change the layout completely. Even if you change the default search engine it will use the same theme for all.

1. Open Google Chrome, then tap on More(three dots) and from there select Settings.

change Chrome tabs background and layout - Chrome themes

2. Now scroll a little, and under Appearances select Themes.

Google chrome settings - Appearance and themes

3. This will take you to the Chome Web Store and show you the list of all available themes with different background images.

Chrome theme web store

If you wish to look for some specific kind of theme or background image then you can type the keyword in the search box.

4. Now select any of the given extension that you wish to add to your Chrome browser. Then click on the Add To Chrome button and it will automatically install the theme and add it to Chrome.

add themes to chrome from Web store

After this, every time you open a new tab you will see different images or colors according to the theme you selected.

change Google chrome theme

5. To remove the theme, simply go to Setting and in front of Themes click on Reset to defaults.

reset chrome theme to default

Apart from the theme, you can also reset all Chrome settings to default.

In case you like to keep the Chrome browser simple as it is, but change the background of just Google search engine and not change the complete theme then you can check the method mentioned below.

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Customize Google Homepage Background Image

This method works only for Google search engine and not for Yahoo and other search engine sites. Once you set a background and then change the default search engine for Chrome, the changes you made will also be gone. But you can again apply it using this method. Now to do that:

1. Open the Google homepage on the Chrome Browser, then click on the Settings or gear icon at the bottom of the screen as shown in the screenshot below.

customize Google background

2. Now a Customize this page menu will open and you will see two options:

  • Chrome backgrounds – You can personalize the Google search page by selecting from the given background as shown below by Chrome itself.
    • There are different kinds of image collection in categories like Landscape, Art, Texture, etc.background image collection
    • Inside them are various images of high quality. Select the desired image for the background and select Done to apply image
  • Upload a Photo – Here you can upload any image available on your PC or desktop that you wish to use as a background. Once you click on this option:
    • Browse to the location of the image, select it and then click Open. It will then be immediately set as Google’s background.change google search engine background image

3. In case you wish to remove them, then just like the first step, click on Settings, and from the pop-up menu select Restore default background.

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Wrapping Up

Hope your Google search page is looking more stylish and different now. Not only the theme of Chrome browser but even change Google’s search engine home page background with these methods. I recommend using the second method, as it does not require to download any theme.

But if you wish to make the Chrome browser itself a little bit different then you can use the first method. We hope, you liked the article and have changed the background and made it look cooler like your personality.

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