How To Automatically Stop Music On iPhone After Specific Time

If you are among the group of people who are used to listening to music before going to sleep or music help you sleep so to say then this is exactly the feature you might want to use in your iPhone. Now in this article, we won’t mention about any automatically stop Music App as this is possible with an inbuilt smart feature of iOS and we will throw light on the same and let you know about how to automatically stop Music on iPhone after specific time

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As mentioned earlier the feature comes in really handy if you are used to listening to Music before falling asleep. If this is the case then most of the times you might have got into a situation where the Music was playing the whole night and eventually you closed it manually in the morning when you woke up. Additionally, this feature can be useful when you want to listen to 2-3 songs and you are lazy enough to stop the music by yourself. Under these circumstances, you can use this feature where you can automatically stop Music on iPhone after a specific time set by you.

Automatically Stop Music on iPhone 

To enable this feature follow the steps given below : 

  • Head over to Clock App on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the Timer Tab at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Under Timer select When Timer Ends.
automatically stop music on iPhone

Tap on When Timer Ends

  • By default, it will be set to a Default tone. This is what that needs to be changed.
  • Move down and go past all the Tones. In the end, you will find Stop Playing.
  • Select Stop Playing and Tap on Set.
automatically stop music on iPhone

Set to Stop Playing

  • With this, you have set what should be done when Timer ends i.e. Stop Playing. Now, set the timer desired by you. For example, set it to 30 minutes if you are used to listening to Music around 30 minutes before you fall asleep.
  • Once you have set the Timer length. Tap on Start.
automatically stop music on iPhone

Set Timer and Tap Start

  • Start playing Music in Music App for iOS, iPod Music App or any application.

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Music will stop playing automatically once the timer expires. Moreover, Videos will also be stopped automatically irrespective of the App(i.e. Safari, YouTube, Videos) you are watching the video in.

Fantastic Feature! Isn’t it? We wish that you were able to successfully set up the feature and automatically stop music on iPhone. Did this feature help you? 

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