How to Add Multiple Photos or Videos in One Instagram Post

As you can post multiple photos/videos as your Instagram Stories, similarly you can also add multiple photos or videos in one Instagram post. Instagram has added a feature that lets you share more than one video or a picture at once in a single post.

This feature shows all your pictures like an album, swiping the picture will let your followers see all your photos within one post. So it’s good to share your trip photos or a occasion snapshots in one post as it classifies in the best way.

Add Multiple photos or videos in one Instagram post

The procedure to upload more than one photo or a video is same for iPhone as well as for Android devices.

1) Open your Instagram account on App.

2) Next, open your Instagram profile and tap on the ‘+’ icon available at the bottom menu.

add multiple photos or videos in one instagram post

3) Now you need to tap on multiple photos/videos icon as shown in the picture. Here the option slightly differs for iOS and Android, refer the below picture.

share multiple photos and videos on Instagram at once

4) After this, you need to tap on the pictures and videos you want to upload.

upload multiple pictures on Instagram in single post

5) Tap on the Next at top right. Once you tap on Next button, you will get the option to filter your pictures with different effects. You can select desired effect to apply to your photos.

share more than one picture in one post on instagram

6) Tap on Next to give a caption to your album, tag people and add a location.

add multiple photos and videos on Instagram at once

7) Finally, tap on Share option to upload selected photos and videos to your Instagram profile.

That’s it. Your followers can now see all of your shared pictures and videos in a single post.

If you are a desktop user then you might have noticed that you do not have any option to upload a picture or a video to your Instagram profile from official website.

If you want to upload multiple photos in one post on Instagram from PC, then you can use BlueStacks software. The behavior is exactly same as the mobile Instagram app. After installing BlueStacks you can follow the same steps mentioned above.

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