How To Take Twitter Screenshots On Android, iPhone, PC/Mac

Twitter is the go-to place for most of the actors, celebrities and athletes. You might have just seen an interesting or funny tweet from your favorite cricketer, footballer, actor or any celebrity for that matter and now you wish to share its screenshot on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc.  Now, you can go old school and use PrtScr (Windows), command+shift+4 (Mac), Home + Lock button (iOS) and Lock+ Volume button (Android) to take the screenshot and then crop it. Or you can be a little advanced and use a nifty tool which can capture tweets in high-resolution. In this guide, we share a service that will help you take Twitter screenshots on the desktop, PC, Mac) using a web browser or Chrome extension and on Android & iPhone using a Twitter bot.

Capture Tweet Screenshots In High Resolution On Desktop, PC Or Mac

The service we are going to use in this tutorial is Screenshot Guru and it is developed by Amit Agarwal from Labnol.

Method 1: Using The Web Tool

1. Visit Twitter and go to the desired tweet you wish to screenshot.

2. Now, click on the drop-down icon at the top right of the tweet and select Copy link to Tweet.

Copy Tweet Link

3. Next, go to Screenshot.Guru website from a browser of your choice.

4. Once you are there paste the copied tweet link, fill in the captcha and hit Screen Capture.

Capture Twitter Screenshots On PC or Mac

5. In a few seconds, you will have the Tweet screenshot. Right-click anywhere on it and select Save Image As…

Save Twitter Screenshot - Screenshot Guru

The screenshot of the tweet will be downloaded and you can share it on any platform you like. Here is how the screenshot will look like.

Twitter Screenshot

Not only Twitter, but you can also take screenshots of Facebook posts as well by entering their URL.

Method 2: Using Chrome Extension

The service also offers a Chrome extension to take tweet screenshots quickly even faster than the method above.

  • Add the Twitter Screenshots extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  • After it is added to your Chrome browser, open Twitter or reload if already opened.
  • If added properly, you will see a capture icon below every tweet where other options to like, retweet tweet are available. Click on the capture button for the desired tweet.Take Twitter Screenshots on Desktop using Chrome Extension
  • A new tab will open where you can find the Twitter screenshot. You can save the screenshot by right-clicking on it and selecting Save Image As…

Take Twitter Screenshots On Android Or iPhone

Apart from the web app and Chrome extension Screenshot Guru also has a Twitter bot. Here’s how you can use it.

  • Open the Twitter app and go to the desired Tweet.
  • Now, tap on the Share icon below the tweet and select Send via Direct Message.Take Screenshots oN Twitter using Bot
  • Search for “screenshotguru“. Tap on the user when it appears.Capture Tweet Screenshots on Android or iPhone
  • Finally, tap on send icon to send the tweet to the bot.

In about a minute, you will receive a DM from the bot which will be the screenshot of the Tweet you sent above.

So, these were several options this service offers. You can use the most suitable one for yourself to take Twitter screenshots on any of your devices.

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