How To Send Self-Destructing Messages On Telegram

We are here with another article on Telegram to explain its one more feature. Self-destructing messages are the short-lived messages that get deleted automatically once the receiver views the message. They are used on Snapchat and Instagram the most and now even Gmail has introduced such emails. These messages come handy when you don’t want your friends to save your photos and videos in their Gallery or Camera Roll. Telegram rolled out disappearing photos and videos last year. So, follow this simple method to send self-destructing messages on Telegram.

Steps To Self-Destruct Photos & Videos On Telegram

Note: Here I have used the steps and screenshots from the Android app but there isn’t much of a difference in the iPhone app.

Please remember, you can not send any self-destructing ‘text‘ messages on Telegram. This feature is only for sending photos and videos.

1. Go to Telegram and open the chat box of the person whom you want to send disappearing messages.

2. Tap on the ‘Attach icon‘ on the bottom right beside the ‘mic’ icon.

3. Choose the photo or a video from Gallery or create using ‘Video‘ or ‘Camera‘ icons. You can choose from the recent pictures appearing there too. You can also select more than one image or video.

self-destructing messages on telegram

4. When you are done selecting, do not tap on send. Tap on the individual picture or video to change the settings for them. If you want to click a picture, the settings will automatically appear when you tap on tick icon.

5. After you open an image/video, tap on the ‘Self-Destruct timer‘ icon at the bottom. You can set the timer from 1 second to 1 minute by sliding up and down there. Choose the preferable time and tap on ‘DONE‘.

How To Send Self-Destructing Messages On Telegram

6. If you are sending more than 1 file, go back and do the same for all and then tap on ‘Send‘ icon at the bottom right.

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When your friends receive the self-destructing messages, the messages will look blur in their chat box with the timing of self-destruction at the bottom left. They can only see them by long-press on the photo/video. The photo and the video will be visible with the timer at the top and if they take a screenshot, you will be notified.

self destruct messages on Telegram

So, this was an easy tutorial article on how to send self-destructing messages on Telegram. We have already covered many articles on Telegram, you can access them from the search bar at the top or click here. You can destroy your other doubts by leaving a query in the comments.


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