How To See Blocked Contacts On WhatsApp

Last Updated: October 3, 2018

WhatsApp is a brilliant platform to keep in touch with near and dear ones. It has completely revolutionized the texting space by making it very cheaper including the multimedia files and documents. As it happens in almost all cases, some people just do not deserve the change. WhatsApp has this good feature to block a contact that irritates you in any manner. WhatsApp maintains a separate list of people that you have blocked. I have myself blocked many of my family members who used to send me good morning messages. Well, I have also blocked some people who do not reply to my good morning messages. At times, we might need those people back in our life. So, here are some simple steps to see blocked contacts on WhatsApp from Android or iPhone.

How To View Contacts You Have Blocked On WhatsApp

Note: I have used screenshots from the Android app in this article but there are only cosmetic differences if any for the iPhone app.

1. If you are using an Android phone, open WhatsApp and tap on ‘ Three dots‘ menu icon on the top right and then on ‘Settings‘. iPhone users can directly tap on ‘Settings‘ at the bottom right of the screen.

2. When the ‘Settings’ page is opened, tap on ‘Account‘. Then from the available options, choose ‘Privacy‘ on the top.

How to see blocked contacts on WhatsApp

3. You will see ‘Blocked contacts‘ (Android) or Blocked (iPhone) at the bottom, above ‘Read receipts’. Tap on it to view contacts you have blocked on WhatsApp with their name and number.

see contacts you have blocked on WhatsApp

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So, these were some very easy steps to see blocked contacts on WhatsApp. You can unblock them by long press on their name and tap on ‘Unblock‘  You can also directly block more people there by tapping on the ‘Contacts‘ icon at the top right corner.

view blocked contacts on whatsapp

Blocking someone is a bit too harsh as the other person can not express anything after that. You can simply delete their number from the contacts. Before deleting the contact or blocking someone, you can also try by muting their chat for some time and WhatsApp also has the option to mute status. If you face any problem in performing these features or steps, feel free to ask us in the comments.


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