How to Search Files Faster On Windows PC

Last Updated: October 3, 2018

Sometimes we search files from the search bar to reach t0 the file quickly. But Windows file search takes forever to get the file we want and worse than that, the PC hangs while searching more often than not. Despite being offline, Windows file search takes more time than Google online search. That is because when you search for something on Google, it does basically fetch some particular keywords related to your search and for those keywords, indexing has been already done before. But the Windows file search actually searches files across the whole system, not from any index. That’s why it takes time. To give you some relief here is an easy solution to search files faster on Windows PC.

Steps To Search Files Faster on Windows PC

I have used a free tool called ‘Everything’ that is fast and secure.

1. Download free search tool for Windows, ‘Everything’ from

2. Install the tool on your PC by choosing your language, accepting the terms and conditions etc.

3. Now, open ‘Everything’ from your desktop and search for anything. ‘Everything’ lists everything on its homepage that is on your computer and when you type the file name, it appears in front of you even before a second.

Everything - Search files faster on Windows PC

File Search Windows - Everything

4. Double click on the file to open it in the PC’s file explorer.

This tool can be very useful as it can save a lot of your time. You can change the view and filter content according to their types, like pictures, videos, audios etc. You can also sort files on the homepage by time, size, type etc.

Everything - fast Windows file search

Best file search software Windows

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So, this was the simplest way you can search files quickly on your Windows PC. There are other tools available for fast file search but some of them work the same ways as Windows search and some are paid. ‘Everything’ is the best file search software that can serve your purpose.

I’ve felt irritated with the Windows file search for so many years and never knew about this solution. Share this article with your friends and surprise them as well.


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