How To Reply To Instagram Stories With Photo Or Video

Instagram is obsessed with its stories feature. More than for any other feature of the app, we see so many updates for the stories almost every week. Sharing posts in the stories to releasing¬†different stickers now and then, Instagram badly wants people to stay¬†connected in so many ways. Now, in the attempt to improve the experience with stories, they also allow users to reply to Instagram stories with photo or video. It’s not necessary to click something on the spot, you can even respond with old pictures or videos in your gallery.

Reply To Instagram Stories With Photo Or Video

1. Open Instagram and tap the story which you want to reply to.

Reply To Instagram Stories With Photo or Video

2. When you see the story, tap on the camera icon at the bottom left.

Reply insta story with old photos

3. Now, you can click a picture, make a short video to send them as a reply. Or swipe up to upload pictures or videos from your phone’s Gallery/Camera Roll.

Instagram story reply

4. Tap on the picture or video you want to send.

5. Now tap on the send button at the bottom. Before sending you can also prevent the replay of your sent item and choose it to be viewed only once.

And it’s done. Remember that the pictures or videos you send are self-destructing and they will be deleted as soon as the person views your message once or twice. If you are clicking a picture or making a video on the spot, I would suggest you save that by tapping on the ‘Save icon‘ at the bottom left side just before sending.

This way you can reply to any Instagram stories with photo or video provided they haven’t disabled replies on their stories. We have been giving a lot of tips and tricks about multiple features on Instagram. If you face any issue with the app or web version of Instagram, you can ask us in the comments.


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