How To Recover Lost Or Deleted iPhone Notes

Notes on the iPhone are a quick and the most convenient way to store important information on the go. As they are synced with iCloud you can access them on your any other Apple device and even continue to edit them where you left off. Not only this but it is also possible to lock notes with a password of your choice. So, they are also great for storing confidential information. That being said, a mishap can happen to anyone at any time and you can end up losing your important notes from your iPhone. In case you have accidentally deleted notes on your iPhone then go through this guide to learn different ways that can help you to recover deleted iPhone notes.

3 Methods To Recover Deleted Notes On Your iOS Device

1. Retrieve From Recently Deleted Folder

Similar to photos, the notes also are moved to “Recently Deleted” folder after deletion. They are kept there for 30 days and are removed permanently after that.

  • Open Notes app and go back to the Home screen by tapping on the back arrow icon at the top left.Recover lost iPhone notes
  • Here tap on Recently Deleted.
  • Next, tap on the note you want to recover. When the note opens tap on it.Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone
  • On the pop-up select Recover.

Similarly, you can recover other notes if required.

2. iTunes Or iCloud Backup

Use iTunes backup on your PC or Mac to restore it to your device to get your deleted notes back.

Restore Backup iTunes

Alternatively, you can also make use of iCloud backup if you have one. You can check that by going to Settings > Your name > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups). Here tap on your device name and check the date of the last backup.

If you have the backup that has the deleted notes then you can go ahead and restore your device from that iCloud backup. In order to do so wipe all the content and settings on your device either from the phone (Settings >General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings) or iCloud. After that, restore the device using the iCloud backup when you are on the Apps & Data screen while setting up the device.

In case the above methods didn’t work out for you and you don’ t have the iOS device backup then this final method is for you.

3. Using A Data Recovery Software

To recover notes you can also use a third party software like PhoneRescue from iMobie. You may check out our PhoneRescue review. The software not only helps you to recover notes but also other file types like photos, text and WhatsApp messages etc.

Here’s how you can use it to restore your lost notes.

1. To begin, download and install PhoneRescue from iMobie’s official website. They do offer a free trial version that comes with limitations.

2. Open the software after it is installed on your PC/Mac. Connect your iPhone via USB to your computer.

3. On the home screen, “Recover from iOS device” is selected by default. You just need to click on right arrow icon at the bottom right.Retrieve lost notes on iPhone without backup

4. Next, uncheck everything and only select Notes and click on Ok.

Select files to scan - PhoneRescue

5. With this, the software will start analyzing your device and scan for deleted notes. Give it a couple of minutes.

6.  When it has scanned your iPhone/iPad, it will show you all the notes and also the attachments you used in the notes. You have two options two recover them – either save them to your computer or directly restore them to your phone without overwriting the original notes.

Recover Deleted iPhone notes without backup

In case you opt to save the recovered notes on the computer then by default they will be exported as HTML files. That said, you can save them as text or CSV file by changing the output format of the recovered file from Settings.

Select output file format for recovered items

PhoneRescue data recovery successful

If you choose to restore it to your iPhone then you will have to disable Find My iPhone on your device.

Restore recovered notes directly to iPhone

Apart from this, you can also recover notes from your iTunes or iCloud backup using this software. And it gives you the flexibility to scan only Notes if that’s what you’re looking for.

Moreover, you can preview all the notes and select only the specific ones that you wish to recover.


These are the available options that should help you get back the deleted notes on your iPhone/iPad. If you’re lucky and have a backup then method 2 will work great for you otherwise you can make use of the third party software – PhoneRescue mentioned in the last method.

Don’t forget to comment and let us know which option worked for you.


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