How To Publish Website Content On Flipboard Magazine

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For all those website owners who are looking for a way to increase their website’s traffic, this article is for you. Flipboard is one of the best free websites for finding latest and trending news. But it can also be used to promote your websites also. Let’s directly dive into it.

How To Add Website Content To Flipboard

In this tutorial, we have covered three methods for adding website articles to Flipboard magazines. First one is through Flip Chrome extension and the other is for posting new articles as well as reposting the existing ones.

Note: You can only add content to the magazines that you own or have the contributor rights for.

1. Flipboard Chrome Extension

Install Flipboard Chrome Extension on your desktop and make sure that you have logged in to Flipboard.

Step 1. Head over to the post or article on the website that you want to publish on Flipboard. And simply click on the Flip chrome extension and it will open a new window.

Flipboard Chrome Extension - add content to Flipboard

Step 2. In this new window, select the magazine to which you want to add the new article. If you want then you can also add comments. Once satisfied, click on Flip to publish it.

Publish Your website content on Flipboard

2. Using Flipboard App To Publish New Content

For this method, please install the Flipboard app from Play Store or App Store.

Step 1. After logging in, head over to your profile by tapping on the profile icon. After that, select that magazine to which you want to add the article.

Publish content in Flipboard Magazine

Step 2. Once the magazine is opened, click on the edit icon on the top. After that, select Add a Story option

How to add content to Flipboard

Step 3. Now simply enter or paste the URL for the website and hit Go. Once the webpage is loaded, just tap on Post button and that’s it.

Add New Content To Flipboard Magazine using URL

You can reload the magazine to check whether it is published or not.

3. To Repost An Already Published Post

You can repost articles from other public magazines to the magazines you manage.

Step 1. Just like the above method, head over to the profile and click on the group magazine from which you will be reposting the article. Now keep flipping or swiping up the articles till you have reached the desired one.

How to publish website content on flipboard

Step 2. Once you have landed on the article which is to be reposted, tap on the plus icon at the bottom of the app. Now select the destination magazine where you want to repost this article. After reloading, you can check if it is reposted or not.

Add Published article to your Flipboard Magazine

Final Words

So, these were three methods on how to publish website content on Flipboard. It can be a little intimidating if you have never used Flipboard. But once you get the hold of it, these steps will seem pretty easy then.

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