How To Delete Skype Conversation On Mac And Android/iOS App

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Launched in 2003, Skype was one of the first apps to provide instant messaging, voice & video calling via VoIP. I mostly use it for work and have quite a few chats with sensitive information. The thing with Skype is that when you log in to your account on any other device the messages load on it whether you chatted using that device or not. This has its advantages but they come with a trade-off. If someone hacks your account and gets access to your password then they can easily read your confidential messages. To prevent that from happening you can delete Skype conversation for the specific contacts. Here’s how you can do it from Mac software or Android/iOS app.

Key Information: Delete Conversation option is currently not available on Windows desktop or Windows 10. So, if you are a Windows PC user then you can use your smartphone app to delete messages from a particular chat.

Now then, let’s get to it.

Delete Skype Chat History On Mac

1. Login to Skype on your Mac if not already done. On the home screen, you will see all the conversations from different contacts stacked on the left-hand side. Right click on the conversation or name of the person whose chat you want to delete.

Delete Skype conversation on Mac

2. Select Delete conversation from the menu.

3. Just to keep you from deleting the messages accidentally, it will show a confirmation pop-up. Click on Delete.

Confirm Chat history deletion Skype

Similarly, you can delete conversation for other desired contacts.

Using Android Or iOS App

1. On the first screen when you are logged into your account you’ll be able to see all your contacts with whom you’ve exchanged messages. Press and hold on the chat of the contact you wish to delete.

Delete Skype Chat History From Android iOS app

2. Select Delete conversation when a dialog box appears.

3. Finally, select Delete to get rid of the conversation.

Likewise, you can go ahead and do the same for other conversations you wish to remove.

Whether you’re looking to just clean-up your Skype account or concerned about your privacy these were the easy ways to delete Skype conversation for particular contacts. It’s pretty annoying that Skype for Windows 10 doesn’t have the option but still, you got a way to tidy up.

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