How To Check And Reduce Data Usage On Android

Last Updated: October 3, 2018

With hundreds of addictive apps requiring internet, people usually run out of data. Some apps consume more data than how much they should and others drain data unnecessarily in the background process. If you have limited data plans, you need to monitor the data and reduce data usage on Android. Before we go to the ‘reduce’ part, let’s see how can you check data usage on Android.

How To Check Data Usage On Android Smartphones

1. Go to ‘Settings‘ on your Android phone.

2. Tap on ‘Connections‘ at the top.

Monitor Data usage on android

3. Now tap on ‘Data usage‘. You will find the total data consumed by you this month at the top.

how to reduce data usage on android
4. To see the data used in each app on your phone, tap on ‘Mobile data usage‘ under the SIM you use for data connection.

how to restrict data usage on android
There you can see the monthly usage graph. Below the graph, there will be the data usage by each app on your phone in decreasing order.

phone check data usage on android

Remember, we have used the Samsung S9+ smartphone for this tutorial. On many other phones, you can skip the 2nd step, as the ‘Data Usage‘ is found directly after opening the ‘Settings’. On some phones like Xiaomi, the Android data usage settings can be found in the ‘Security‘ app.

Checking how much data you have used is very easy as all you have to do is reach the ‘Data Usage’ option. But, there are many ways by which you can reduce data usage. For that, you don’t have to download a new app. Here are some important things you can do to minimize data usage on your Android device.

How To Reduce Data Usage On Android Smartphones

1. First and the most important thing you can do activate the ‘Data Saver’. After the 3rd step above, tap on ‘Data Saver‘ and toggle it ‘ON‘. By doing so, the background processing in the apps will stop and they will not send or receive data without you opening them.

android data usage settings

2. If you use an Android phone, most probably you are using the Google Chrome browser. Follow these steps to reduce data usage on Chrome browser.

  • Open Chrome browser and tap on 3 dot menu at the top right.
  • Now, tap on ‘Settings’ and then on ‘Data Saver‘.

  • Toggle the Off button at the top to ‘On‘.

Data saver chrome android

3. You can change the Auto-update settings of your app on Play Store. Follow this guide to disable auto update of apps on your phone.

4. Many apps like Facebook, Messenger, Skype, LinkedIn, Shazam, Line etc. are available in the lite version. By using then, you can save a lot of data without cutting down on their usage.

5. While you are on Wi-Fi, try to get content offline so that you don’t have to use your mobile data for that. Download YouTube videos offline and you won’t have to go through buffering and unnecessary high quality when low quality too can work. If you use Google Maps often, you should save the local maps in advance for offline usage as Google Maps use a lot of data.

Apart from the above steps, you can also stop WhatsApp media from auto downloading. I would also suggest you make a habit of switching off your data when you are not using it. It saves your mobile data as well as the battery.

We hardly notice this but if some data is saved daily, it saves you a lot of money if you use limited plans. Saving the data sometimes prevents you from inconvenience too. So, this was how you can restrict the data usage on Android phones. Do share them with your friends that you often find in trouble due to lack of data.


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