How To Block WhatsApp Number Without Adding To Contacts List

Apart from getting an unwanted message, there can be many reasons to block someone on WhatsApp. Maybe you don’t want to show someone your profile picture and ‘About’ but you still want to keep it public. But what if you haven’t saved their number and they never messaged you before. Or maybe you just got to know that someone is going to message you but you don’t want to receive it? There is a lengthy process that goes like, save the number, find it on WhatsApp and block it and then delete the number. I say, don’t waste so much time on someone whom you don’t even like. Here is an easy way to block WhatsApp number without adding to contacts using a free online tool from ‘ThumbTube‘. By using this tool, you can also send a message to someone on WhatsApp without saving their number.

Steps To Block WhatsApp Number Without Adding To Contacts

1. Go to ThumbTube’s WhatsApp Without Saving Number online tool from your Android, iPhone or any phone you are using.

2. Then tap on ‘Select Country Code’ and choose the phone code of your country.

Block WhatsApp Number Without Adding To Contacts

3. Now insert the phone number in the space given below the country code and then tap on ‘Start WhatsApp Chat’.

block someone on whatsapp without saving the number

4. This will direct you to the WhatsApp chat box of that person. If you are using an Android phone, directly block him by tapping on the ‘BLOCK’ button at the top and then on ‘BLOCK’ again. If you are using iPhone, then tap on the number at the top and scroll down and tap on ‘Block Contact’. It’s done.

Block on WhatsApp without saving the number

You have just blocked a contact from messaging you on WhatsApp without saving their number. If you ever start feeling something for that person, we have also written an article about How To See Blocked Contacts On WhatsApp. We post hacks and tutorials about WhatsApp, Instagram and other social networks regularly. You can subscribe to our newsletter so that you never miss an update. If you have any query regarding this article or any other features, let us know in the comments.

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