How To Add Subtitles To Instagram Video

Instagram is having a video feature from a very long time and they are updating it frequently for a better experience. With time, they have introduced a lot of video modes like Boomerang and Superzoom but it still doesn’t have one very important feature that is “Adding Subtitles” to the video. Sometimes we use a common language but with a different local language and accent of people around the world, the wording in the video is not properly understood by everyone. Hence the video doesn’t have the impact you expected. So, in this tutorial, we will guide you how to add subtitles to Instagram video using a software available for Windows and iOS.

Steps To Add Subtitles To Instagram Video Using Premier Pro

It is a timeline based video editing software from the Adobe family. Among a plethora of other features, it also has an option for adding the subtitles to your videos. This is a paid software worth $19.99/month but also offers  7 days free trial with all the features unlocked. You can download it from the Adobe official website.

Step I

  • Open the software and tap on the New Project to begin your assignment.New Project - adobe premiere pro

Step II

  • Give the desired name to the project. (shown in the picture)
  • Click on OK to open the editing interface.step 2

Note: If you are a beginner then keep the other settings in the window as default.

Step III

  • Tap on the File in the menu bar.
  • Select Import from the menu to add your footage to the sequence.step 3

Step IV

  • Drag and drop your imported file into the timeline.step 4.1

Note: Press the Cursor icon to move video on the timeline.

step 4.2

Step V

  • Tap on the Box icon below as shown in the screenshot.
  • Select Caption from the list of the options that appear.step 5.1
  • Now set Standard as Open Captions and keep the other things as default and next, click OK as shown in the picture.step 5.2

Step VI

  • Drag and drop Open Caption from the sequence on your timeline above the video.step 6.1
  • Now stretch the Open Caption on the timeline according to the need of the video.

Step VII

  • Click on Open Caption in the timeline and write your subtitle on the left side of your screen.Add Subtitles to Instagram Video
  • Adjust the text size, text color, subtitle background color and the font style of the subtitles from the available options.step 7.2
  • Click on the + icon to add more text for the next frame or the scene and follow the same procedure. You can set the duration of the subtitle of a particular scene using the slider to adjust it according to the requirement.step 7.3


Now your edited version is ready for export.

  • Tap on the File on the above menu.
  • Click on the Export and choose the Media option from it.Step 8

Step IX

Export Setting

  • Next, choose the Burn Caption Into Video from Captions tab.Step 9.1
  • Select, format H.264 and Present High-Quality 1080p HD.step 9.2
  • Finally, click on the Export and wait until it’s done.

Add Subtitles In Instagram Video To Make It More Understandable

This simple technique will definitely make your video more presentable and convenient for every viewer to understand. Now everyone can enjoy your video with the subtitles. Adobe Premiere Pro is available for Windows and iOS both and the user interface & steps are almost the same for both the OS which makes it easy for everyone to use this on both the platforms. If you still face any issues, let us know in the comments down below.


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