How to Hide/Show Contact Photos in Messages on iPhone/iPad

It feels great to see the caller’s picture and that’s why we add pictures to our contacts. On adding them, they are not only shown when they call but also in Messages. If you wish to hide contact pictures in Messages without deleting the photo from their contact details then we have mentioned the steps here.  If you want it to be another way around then we also share how you can show contact photos in Messages on iPhone or iPad.

Hide Contact Photos in Messages on iPhone

1. Go to Settings.

2. Under Settings look for Messages and tap on it.

Hide Contact Photos in Messages on iPhone

3. Under Messages toggle Show Contact Photos switch to OFF.

Now, head back to Messages app. The thumbnails showing the profile picture will be gone from the home screen as well as the individual chat screen.

Contact Photos Hidden in Messages on iOS


Now if you want to show contact pictures then you can toggle the same switch(Show Contact Photos) to ON. This will bring back the contact photos in Messages.

However, if even after enabling the option the contact photos are not showing up in Messages then follow the steps below.

Show Contact Pictures in Messages on iOS

In case the display is zoomed you won’t be able to see photos. So, you need to switch to normal display mode.

1. Open Settings and tap on Display and Brightness.

iOS zoom settings

2. Come to the bottom and select View under Display Zoom.

3. Tap on the Standard tab and select Set at the top right corner.

Use Standard View iPhone

4. Select Use Standard to confirm your decision.

After this, you can recheck whether Show Contact Photos option is enabled in Messages settings.

With this, you will be able to see the contact pictures in the Messages.

Show Contact Photos in Messages on iPhone

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We hope that you were able to hide or show contact pictures in messages. If you come across any issues feel free to drop a comment and let us know.


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