How to View Someone’s WhatsApp Status Without Notifying Them

The latest WhatsApp update not only transmuted text status into Photos/Videos/GIF but also allows you to see who has viewed your WhatsApp status update. This is exactly similar to what Instagram and Snapchat Stories offer. After trying out a few ways we have got a trick for the users who wish to hide seen from WhatsApp status of friends even after viewing it. Which means that your friend won’t come to know that you have seen their status even though you have seen it.

Hide Your Seen From Others WhatsApp Status

It is not that easy to hide seen from WhatsApp status compared to hiding seen in Instagram Stories. But still, we have tried our best to get the optimal solution.

Let us get to it.

Hide Seen From WhatsApp Status of Friends

1. Open WhatsApp and go to Status tab with Wi-Fi or cellular data turned ON.

2. I recommend you to swipe downwards on the screen and wait for a few seconds for the updates to load. Not a mandatory step but just to be on the safe side.

3. Next, turn OFF the internet connection on your smartphone.

Hide Seen From WhatsApp Status of Friends


4. After turning off the Wi-Fi/cellular data, tap on the Status update of the contact you want to view without them knowing.

5. You should see the Photos/Videos/GIF in the update.

In my case, it worked for all the updates except one. So, I hope you too will be able to view the status without data turned on.

Similarly, you may view other contacts status updates and hide your seen if desired.

With this, you have viewed others WhatsApp status without notifying them.

Unfortunately, there are few complications in case of WhatsApp. As soon as you turn on the Wi-Fi or cellular data on your smartphone(without even opening WhatsApp), your seen/view will be reflected in the list of viewers.

So, to overcome this issue, it is better to check the timestamp below the status update of the desired contact. And view it once it is 23 hours older. In that way, you would only have to wait for an hour before you can turn the Wi-Fi back on.

You may even view it when you are sure that you won’t need the internet for the amount of time left for the status to expire.

As the status updates expire automatically after 24 hours so now when you turn on the internet after the status has been removed your view won’t be there as there is no status in the first place.

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And if you didn’t quite like the latest WhatsApp status then you can rollback to text WhatsApp Status Feature on Android.

This was the best we could find out and suggest you. We hope that this helps you out in some way. If you found it useful then please share it on social media to let others know about this trick.

Do you have any other method to hide seen from WhatsApp status of Contacts? Let us know in the comments.

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