How to hide Seen from Twitter Direct Messages[Setting + Trick]

Last Updated: November 3, 2016

There is an official setting provided in the app to disable Read receipts from Twitter DM but there is a disadvantage using that setting which I will explain below and why you should use the trick rather than the setting to hide Seen from Twitter Direct Messages.

Hide Seen from Twitter Direct Messages

A few weeks back Twitter introduced some features to its iOS and Android app. One of them was read receipts for Twitter Direct Messages. With this update, users can know if their DM is read or not. There is a tick beside the message which turns blue when the message is seen or read. On tapping the message it shows Seen.

Twitter Direct Messages Read Receipts
Seen and the blue tick on DM when read

However, similar to the workaround we have for hiding Seen from Instagram Direct Messages it is also possible to hide seen from Twitter Direct Messages. Apart from that, there is an official setting as well to hide Read Receipts. Let us have a look at the setting first.

Disable Read Receipts from Twitter Direct Messages : Setting

You can turn om/off read receipts from App as well as on the website. However, the read receipts are only available on the app for now.

For the app, I will share steps and screenshots from iOS app but the steps are fundamentally the same for Android as well.

Setting to disable Read Receipts on Twitter App

1.  Open Twitter app and select the Me tab at the bottom right corner.

2. Next tap on Settings(gear icon) under Profile.

Hide Seen from Twitter Direct Messages

3. Select Settings from the list of options.

4. Under Settings, select Privacy and safety.

Disable Read Receipts from Twitter Direct Messages

5. Finally, toggle the Send/Receive read receipts to OFF and Select Done.

Turn Off Twitter Direct Messages Read receipts

With this, read receipts will be disabled. You can always turn on the read receipts by following the same steps.

Setting to hide Seen from Twitter Direct Messages [Website]

1. Visit Twitter website and login to your account.

2. Click on your profile picture and select Settings.

3. Next, click on Security and Privacy.

4. Scroll down and uncheck the setting for Send/Receive Read Receipts.

5. Click Save Changes and enter the password.

This will also turn off read receipts. Now, the disadvantage of using this setting is that apart from others not getting read receipts when you see their messages, you too will not get read receipts if someone reads your messages.

Moreover, what if you only want to hide seen only for specific people? With the above setting read receipts are disabled for all the users. Now, the trick or workaround which I will share below overcomes these drawbacks.

Hide Seen from Twitter Direct Messages : Trick

There is no need to turn off Send Receive read receipts to use this trick. Keep it enabled.

1. Now open Twitter app and select Messages tab.

2. Let all the messages load. Now, turn off the internet on your smartphone(disable Wi-Fi/Cellular data)

3. Next, open the conversation of the user whose message you want to read but don’t want them to know that you have read it.

4. After reading come out of the conversation and then you can turn on the internet.

With this even though you read the message the sender won’t know. At the same, you will still get and send your read receipts for other users conversations.

Note : As soon as you open the conversation with the internet turned on the message will be marked as Seen. So be careful to open that conversation after turning off the internet.

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This brings an end to this tutorial. We hope this helped you to know everything about Twitter Direct Messages read receipts. Share it with friends if you found it helpful. Use the comments section if you have any query.


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