How to Hide Message Preview on iPhone/iPad Notifications

iOS 10 rolled out many new and useful functionalities to its Messages app apart from other features. Few of them were handwritten messagesbubble and screen effects, invisible ink and read receipts for per contact basis. Another handy feature included is that of messages(SMS & iMessage) preview on the Lock screen and while unlocked in Notifications. This helps in saving time as you can quickly look at the message without actually unlocking your iOS device and opening the Messages app. However, if you want to hide the content of the iMessage/SMS then there is a way to turn off message preview on iPhone. This is exactly what we are going to share in this guide.

How to hide iMessage and text messages preview on iPhone/iPad

If you leave your iPhone unattended quite often then the message preview can be a threat to your privacy. As anyone can easily read your messages from the lock screen. In that case, iOS provides an option to hide message preview. Here’s how.

Turn Off Message Preview on iPhone/iPad

1. Open Settings app and select Notifications.

2. Under Notifications, select Messages app.

Turn off message preview on iPhone

3. Head to the bottom and tap on Show Previews under Messages Options.

4. Next, in Show Preview, select Off.

Hide Message Preview iPhone

You may choose When Unlocked if you want to show previews when your iPhone is unlocked and is in use and hide them while it is locked.

With this, the message previews will be disabled. The next time you receive a text message or iMessage the notification will only contain the sender’s name and type of message(iMessage/SMS). The message text/content will be hidden as shown below.

Message Content Hidden for iMessage and SMS on iOS device

Are you are looking to disable previews for only WhatsApp messages and keep the iMessages previews turned on? In that case, you follow hide WhatsApp Message preview on an iOS device.

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We hope that this article helped you to turn off message preview on iPhone. If you found this helpful then please share it on social media and spread the information.

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