How to hide a particular Drive or Partition in Windows 7

There may be a situation when you have to share your PC with someone may be colleague ,friend or a relative but you are not comfortable with keeping your drives exposed to them which contain your personal content. This requires you to hide drives or partition in your personal computer or laptop.Well,no worries here as there are settings in Windows 7 operating system which lets you hide drives in Windows 7.

Hide Drive/Partition Windows 7

Step 1: Most importantly of all you must be logged in as administrator to hide drives in Windows 7.

Step 2: To start, Right Click on ‘My Computer‘ and Select ‘Manage’. Computer Management Window will open.

Hide Drives in Windows 7

Step 3: Here in Computer Management Window you need to select ‘Disk Management’ under ‘Storage’ on left hand side column of the Computer Management Window.

Step 4: As you select ‘Disk Management’ the right hand side of the window will be populated with all the drives or partitions you have in your computer. In this list you can select the drive or partition you want to hide.

Hide Drives in Windows 7
List Of Drives


Step 5: Right Click on the drive you want to hide and Select ‘Change Drive Letter and Paths…’

Hide Drives in Windows 7
Change Drive Letter and Paths

Step 6: Change Drive Letter and Paths dialog will pop up and here is the place where you can hide your drive. Select ‘Remove’ . On selecting Remove, it will warn about the dependencies on the drive which says that programs stored in the drive wont run correctly.You can confirm it by selecting Yes.

Hide Drives in Windows 7
Hide Drive By Selecting Remove

You are done hiding your drive and you can verify it by going to My Computer and the drive you just hid will not appear.You can hide other drives or partitions as well by the same method and selecting the drive you want to hide.You cannot/should not  hide C: or the drive in which Windows operating system is loaded as nothing will work if OS doesn’t works correctly.

UnHide Drive/Partition Windows 7

If after some time you do not want the drive or partition to be hidden you can make it visible . Follow the same method as described till Step 5 above.  Step 6 changes in order to make your drive visible.

Step 6:Now when you are done till Step 5 you will get ‘Change Drive Letter and Paths’ dialog. Here you need to select ‘Add’. ‘Add Drive Letter or Path’ dialog will appear. You can assign any name to the drive you desire by selecting from the drop down list. After selecting the name click ‘Ok’.

Hide Drives in Windows 7
Add Drive
Hide Drives in Windows 7

Your drives  are back again and visible which you can verify  by checking in the My Computer.

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