How to hide Apps on iPhone, iPad without jailbreaking

Looking for an app that can help you hide apps on your iPhone? Don’t bother about it as in this article you will get to know about how to hide apps on iPhone, iPad or iPhone having iOS version up to 9.2.1. Moreover, you don’t have to jailbreak your iOS device to achieve that. Let’s have a look at a simple folder trick which will hide apps on iPhone from others.

Hide Apps on iPhone, iPad 

1. Move the apps which you want to hide to an existing folder or create a new one – In order to move the apps, tap and hold the app until the app start to shake and then move them to existing folder or on top of other app to create a new folder.

2. Once you get the app/ apps you desire to hide in your iPhone in a folder, move the app to last tab in the folder – To achieve this, again tap and hold the app until the app start to shake, after which you can move it to the right which will create a new tab.

3. After you get to the last tab, do not release the tap on the app and press physical home button on your device.

Voila! The app disappears from your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

You can refer to the below video too :

Note: You can still access the hidden app from spotlight search by typing the app name, the app will show up.

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How to get back the hidden app ?

You can easily make your hidden app visible again by just restarting your iOS device.

This was an easy trick with which you can hide apps on iPhone without using any third party app and even no need of jailbreak. Do Share if you have any other technique to do so.



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