How to Hide About(Text Status) on WhatsApp

After receiving feedback from over a billion users on the new stories like Status update WhatsApp finally brought the text status back in the form of About. Yes, you can once again set text Status on WhatsApp under your profile in the latest About section. Now, similar to hiding last seen and profile photo you might want to hide the text status or About, so to speak from public, everybody or specific contacts. In this article, we have mentioned all the options you have got to hide About on WhatsApp on Android and iOS.

Hide About on WhatsApp

Hide About on WhatsApp

Update your WhatsApp to the latest version from the respective App Store.

Once you have the latest version installed, go to your WhatsApp profile and you will see About under your profile as shown below.

About Section on WhatsApp Profile

If you wish to hide it from non-contacts, everybody or certain contacts then follow the methods below.

The steps and the screenshots used in this guide are from the iOS app but they remain fundamentally the same for Android.

Method 1: Hide WhatsApp Text Status from Non-Contacts or Everybody

1. Open WhatsApp and go to Settings. On iPhone, tap on Settings tab at the bottom right.

2. Under Settings, select Account.

3. Next, select Privacy.

WhatsApp About Privacy Settings

4. Under Privacy, tap on About.

5. You will three options – Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody. If you wish to hide About from non-contacts only then select My Contacts. On the other hand, if you want to hide it from everyone then select Nobody.This will disable About altogether and it will almost be similar to setting a blank WhatsApp status.

Hide WhatsApp About from non-contacts, everyone or certain contacts

Method 2: Hide About on WhatsApp from certain Contacts

There is no official setting to hide/block your About on WhatsApp from certain contacts. But there is a workaround which you can use.

Set the About Privacy to My Contacts and delete that particular contact from your smartphone. Similarly, you may delete other desired contacts from whom you want to hide your About.

You can also use this trick to hide last seen from certain contacts on WhatsApp.

For the new stories like Status feature, you can easily hide it from specific contacts with the official setting available for it.

We hope that this tutorial helped you to hide your About on WhatsApp from everyone, non-contacts or certain contacts. If you think this will help your friends then share it on social media.

If you have any query or issue feel free to drop a comment below.

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