3 Hidden Android Features every Android user should use

Last Updated: April 29, 2016

Android device comes with lot of cool options. But the problem is apart from very few regular features, users are not aware of most of the hidden Android features. Don’t worry, here is the list of hidden Android features which every user should use to have better performance, security of data & better data usage.

Reduce Animation duration for better performance

Everyone loves animations but not at the cost of performance. You can easily increase your mobile performance just by tweaking one of the option in settings. Reducing animation may affect your fancy look but I promise it will increase significant amount of speed. To change animations speed, navigate to ​Settings ­> Developer Options ­> Window animations scale .​  From existing animation scale option make animations off or you can reduce scale by 0.5x.

hidden android features - animation 1

hidden android features - animation 2

We don’t advice you to totally turn off animations which makes bizarre to use. You can just reduce the animations speed which helps to get high performance speed.

Desktop Backup password

I am sure most of us save important bank passwords, privacy photos and lot more in phone. And we don’t want someone to take that data just by connecting a USB with their desktop. To avoid this cyber theft, Android has better option.

You can set password for desktop option which asks every time whenever you connect mobile to desktop through USB cable. To set backup password navigate to​ Settings ­> Developer Options ­> Desktop backup password.

hidden android features - desktop backup password

Once you tap on the Desktop backup password you will be asked to enter current password, new password and renter new password. Since this is your first time you can skip current password move to new password. Make sure you note down password for future use.

Restricting Background data

Another hidden feature in Android device is restricting background data. If you have unlimited high speed data connection then you don’t need to worry. But if you are limit with the data connection, then I would like to tell you that most of your data is eaten by apps which are not in much use and are running in background.

You have an option to restrict apps to consume less data. Just go to ​Settings ­> Data usage ​. In Data usage screen you can see amount of data consumed by each  app. Just tap into application which you don’t use heavily. On “​App data usage​” screen you have option to restrict app background data. 

hidden android features - data usage

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Hope you liked the above features of Android which you should use. If you have any another hidden feature or tips of Android, you can share with us via comments.


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