Amazing tips to use Facebook for learning and picking up new skills

Facebook has recently turned 12 years old and it’s got a bad rap for being a highly un-productive environment. Check this article from CNBC, the title reads ‘Facebook turns 12 – Trillions in time wasted.’ Ouch.  The article does have truth to it. So how do we fix this?

At we always want to make the life of our readers productive and better. This means we’ll figure out ways to use platforms that is beneficial to our users.Today we have a mix of hacks to improve your time on Facebook.

Facebook for Learning and increasing Productivity

Hack #1: Turn Facebook into a RSS Feed and make it a place of learning

After a while we all get tired of liking our friends’ pictures and their baby photos. We log in multiple times during the day and scroll through the same feed. I have a friend who uses a cool hack to make Facebook a place of learning.

1. Every time you add somebody on Facebook, quickly un-follow him or her. You will still remain friends, but you won’t get their constant updates. On their profile page, you’ll see an option called “Follow”, when you mouse over that, you the following options like in the image below. Just click un-follow.

Use Facebook For Learning
Unfollow Friends

Now you may be wondering, how do I get to know what my friends are doing?  This is after all a social platform. This is where the Facebook sidebar still keeps you hooked.

Unknown Facebook Hacks for Learning
Sidebar giving Latest Updates

2. Now go and like all the useful pages, publications, anything that piques your interest. Now how will your feed look?

Use Facebook for informational purposes
Useful Information on Facebook

It’s filled with publications that you like and want to read about.

Hack #2: Turn Facebook into a skill development platform.

Facebook has a lot of potential when it comes to learning. Sometimes it’s better than niche website like  People are on Facebook all the time and this means they can reply faster to your problems/queries etc. Take this as an example

Use Facebook to increase productivity
Facebook Informational group

Try to avoid generic groups and join more focused groups. If you are able to be engaging and help people out, people will help you back. We’ve created a list of groups for different niches that help you with skill development.

Engineering and Exam Preparations Groups

< This list will be kept updated based on the useful Facebook Groups we stumble upon >

Hack #3:  Stop wasting time on Facebook and Automate your tasks.

You want to be social on Facebook, but you don’t want to waste your time on small tasks. Learn how to automate!

We use a tool called FB Message Scheduler. What are the benefits of this?

1. You can send mass private messages to your friends, inviting them to your event or a party or something else.

2. You can use the auto-responder tool to wish your friends for their birthdays.

It’s a completely free tool!

For the Geeks

A lot of you are budding developers and would like to use your own tools and customize it based on your needs. We found a collection of Github repositories that have auto-responders when people wish you on your birthday. This requires some development knowledge. Here are the repos.

Repo 1 – By Sudip

Repo 2 – By Spacharya

Repo 3 – By Rishi

That was our list of Hacks for improving your Facebook feed and hence in turn making you more productive while using Facebook.

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Tool of the Day

We have another interesting tool called Socialfixer. This tool helps you with the following.

  • Filter Your News Feed
  • Hide Posts You’ve Already Read
  • Show Full Pictures By Hovering
  • Stay On The Most Recent Feed
  • Hide Parts Of The Page
  • Themes
  • Anonymize For Screenshots
  • Animated GIFs
  • Increase The Font Size
  • Automatically Retrieve More Stories
  • Show Time Stamps
  • Reply And Quote Comments
  • Enhanced Chat
  • Fix Timeline
  • Customize Hash Tags
  • Quick Navigation Links
  • Custom CSS


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