Google Now will provide Foursquare tips without the App

Google being innovative, this time is in news because of a new feature of Google Now smart assistant that work on Android phones to display suggestions from Foursquare. What makes it unique is the fact that Google Now will provide Foursquare tips without the app installed on the device. Although, the feature is still in the testing phase, expectations are on great heights!

As per a report provided by Venture Beat today, the test displays the local discovery app Foursquare- sourced recommendations for cool places to order sushi, or coffee in the local areas. Also, it is still not clear if the feature is going to work only in the Bay Area of San Francisco. The report adds, initially it may be available for a small segment of Android users, but plans are for something big in the near future.foursquare tips without the app installed

The move is seen to improve the relationship of the two companies that was not very good so far. The partnership is definitely going to put a good impact on the Silicon Valley relationship, thereby contributing in the indirect growth of a number of other ventures too. In the year 2005, the CEO of Foursquare, Dennis Crowley entered into a sale deed with Google by selling his project Dodgeball. Earlier in the year 2012, Google Maps was dropped by Foursquare as its navigation backbone in favor of OpenStreetMaps. Moreover, Google at that time has finished on restaurant suggestions via its Zagat’s ownership. Though it took time, ultimately Foursquare came back to take the service of Google for its Android handsets. It’s important to mention here that it is still using Apple Maps for its Venture Beat notes, iOS app.

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Anticipating good growth, Foursquare has already started taking big moves. For instance, it is reorienting its business by selling its data it has collected so far from more than 60 million users (monthly) to ventures like Microsoft and Twitter. A natural addition can be made by Google to the list, getting bigger day by day.

The inferences of test are supposed to be interesting due to the fact that Google is willing to display these cards and tips within Google Now or not, when the Foursquare is not even installed. For this reason most of the eyes are there on the move, making it sizzling event of the year.

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The test is also crucial for the simple reason; it is the first time Google Now is undergoing preferential treatment on a piece of software which was not accepted by the users open heartedly. When asked, to give a comment on the test, the Google’s spokesperson said,

We’re always experimenting with new features across Search and Google Now.


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