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Android is taking grab over the Smartphone industry giving a tough competition to Apple’s iOS. Google’s mobile OS has almost acquired 75% of the market shares and it is now a challenge to all other tech companies like Apple, and Microsoft. And now, another tech blast –An era where people are getting completely dependent on smart phones i.e. from “searching for a shelter for residing” to “ordering food at their place” with just one click, Google announces that it is working on Android automation on a larger scale from 2014 and although it is not guaranteed but by the end of 2015, Google’s Home Automation based on android is going to be launched. As per nifty news, if Google fails to launch this then it is going to be one of the biggest losses Google is going to incur. Earlier this month at WWDC 2015, Apple announced their Home Kit to be introduced with iOS 9 which will do the same. 

Google Home Automation Project

Things become easy to control if you have a centralized hub or controller for everything like a group of computers connected to a single network which controls all the computers, a single WiFi modem provides internet to all other devices in the WiFi zone etc. Google’s Home automation system is based on this concept. We have different appliances in our home like light bulbs, switches, power outlets etc. What if, if they all are controlled using our android phone?  Yes, a single click and lights are on/off, the doors are locked and what not?  All we need is an Android phone and “smart home” products.

Google Home Automation

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Hence, the Android phone in our hands is going to act as a hub or controller of our entire home appliances. Isn’t it amazing? An era of Smartphone is now going to provide you with a “Smart Home”. Hats off to Google for making lives smarter.

2014 was a great year for Google, it has launched new version of Android and many other OS for cars and other appliances. But 2015 is going to be a blast for the Smartphone industry. Let’s see what happens,  as Google has no limits and the unending competition with Apple gives all of us to look forward to exciting new software’s and Technology.


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