Google working on autonomous cars

One of the most momentous revolutions in the field of cars was brought up by Google. They introduced the technology of autonomous cars, the software used in these cars is the Google chauffeur. The project is currently supervised by Sebastian Thrun former director of Stanford artificial intelligence laboratory and co-inventor of Google street view.  Google started working on these autnomous cars by utilizing the self driven equipments in number of cars which includes Audi TT, Lexus RX450h and Toyota Prius.

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Google Autonomous Car

The designing of these exceptional cars included a velodyne 64- beam laser mounted on the top, the work of this velodyne generating a 3D map of its surrounding. The maps are then combined with the high pixel map of the world creating a lot of modules together allowing them to be self driven. These cars also use inch precision maps which simply enable them to identify the route the vehicle has to use and even the number of traffic lights on the route. The astonishing fact is that they don’t consist of any steering wheels and pedals.

Google autonomous cars
Google Driverless cars

There is a lot of reason to say that the Google cars will bring a positive and healthy change to our society. The main motive of Google to make these cars was to give human a safe and entirely comfortable drive. They built a prototype vehicle uniquely designed to take you anywhere with just a button away and no driving required. Google’s driverless cars could be a blessing for the people who are visually impaired and even for the aged population. These cars will take less of your energy, time and give a highly incredible experience. With these points there are some limitations as well. In a 2014 this autonomous car was tested in heavy rain and snow. In this situation the cars faced difficulty specially in identifying the objects. Hence, Google had to work more on these cars and make them more intelligent.

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Although, the idea of self driven cars was not easily accepted at initial stages. The legislation was first passed into 4 US states and Washington DC but later Nevada also passed a law in June, 2011 granting a permit for the operation of autonomous cars. The Google autonomous car is said to be: A vaccine that save lives as 1.2 million road accidents which took place every year. Larry Burns, a professor of engineering college at University of Michigan believes that robots cars could be the cure for worlds one of the biggest cause of deaths.  Some engineers also assume that after proper development autonomous cars could be five times safer than driven by humans.

The Google car prototype is currently serving the people in Mountain View, California. It is running at the speed of maximum 25 mph in self driving mood which is enough for a prototype. It has successfully covered 1.7 million miles with zero issues. These cars are probably expected to hit the road by the end of 2020. The cost of Google car presently is $ 75,000. This cost will be comparatively reasonable by 2030.


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