Google and Ford might release an autonomous vehicle in coming months

Google is reportedly teaming up with Ford Motor Corp. for giving a body to its self-driving car project. The joint venture is primarily aiming at incorporating the Google’s artificial intelligent software to the world-class cars manufacturer. The concrete details of the partnership are not yet but will soon be disclosed at CES in January 2016.

Google and Ford might release an autonomous vehicle
Google’s self-driving car prototype

The news was released just after Ford got its approval to test autonomous cars on the roads of California and Google’s announcement that its self-driving car project will be a standalone business under Alphabet Inc. which is now the parent company of Google.

We’d be remiss not to talk to the biggest auto manufacturers. They’ve got a lot to offer

Chris Urmson, director of Google’s self-driving car project, told earlier in an interview.

The partnership seems a clever move by both of the superiors in their domains. For Ford Motor Corp, this will open the gates to access Google’s entire self-driving development project and for Google, it will fetch more time to focus on the self-driving technology and allow the car manufacturer to work on the car design and integration. This will eliminate the responsibility of constructing a vehicle from ground-up for Google. These types of partnerships are not new for Ford as the spokesperson Alan hall pointed towards the Ford Smart Mobility Plan and added that the company keeps these matters far away from discussions due the obvious reasons for competition.

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Google and Ford team up for autnomous vehicle
Ford Fusion (self-driving research vehicle)

This means that Ford is not making this deal exclusively with Google’s technology, especially when there are other counterparts like android-based open automotive alliance. The question that arises here is:

Should other manufacturers fear this 21st century joint venture? The answer is yes! This alliance will make Ford the exclusive autonomous car manufacturer and Google, the first working autonomous driving model manufacturer. This kind of competition is not easy to catch up with when two of the best companies in the world are working together. Moreover, no other automobile manufacturer is diving into the field of self-driving car technology. What if it turns out to be an exclusive joint venture?

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This modern world joint venture is going to create a lot of opportunities in the consumer market and the terrific idea of car-sharing rather than private ownership will change the entire business model. Such an idea can actually reduce the sales of cars for getting owned privately as digital license plates can be shared. The driverless cars will only become mainstream if the existing manufacturers adapt the technology since the expertise existing manufacturers have will prove to be tough to replicate to make a vehicle from scratch.

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