How to Go Live With a Friend on Instagram

Last Updated: October 25, 2017

Are you too shy to use Instagram Live or do you need some more interaction while live streaming? To tackle both the situations Instagram has come up with a unique feature in it’s latest app update for both Android and iOS. Now, it is possible to add a friend to your Instagram live video as a guest. This not only promotes the live video feature among the users who are not comfortable going live alone but also allows people who already use the Instagram live video streams to interact in exciting ways. Here’s how you can go live with a friend on Instagram and everything you need to know about the latest feature.

Add a Friend to Your Instagram Live Video

The update has rolled out for both Android and iOS platforms. So, head over to the respective app stores and update the app to the latest version(20.0) or later to make use of collaborative live video.

  • Open Instagram after it’s updated.
  • Go to the Camera screen by tapping on the Camera icon at the top left or swipe right on the news feed.
  • Now, tap on Live from the options available at the bottom and select Start Live Video.
  • When the live video starts you have a new option now beside the comment box. It’s a two-face icon. Tap on it.

Add a Friend to your Instagram live video

  • Next, all the viewers that are watching your live video will appear in a pop-up. Tap on the desired person’s name to add them to your live video and select Add.
  • With this, the viewer whom you selected will get an option to join the live video with you. They need to tap on Go Live with [your username].

Go Live With a Friend on Instagram

  • Once the connection is successful the live video screen will split into two. One half will be taken by you and another by your guest.

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Go Live With a Friend on Instagram: Things To Know

1. You can only add 1 person at a particular time. It is possible to remove the guest at any point of time during the live video by tapping on the x icon on their part of the screen and selecting Remove [guest username]. After removing them you can add a different friend in the same live video using the similar steps above if desired.

Remove Guest from Instagram Live

2. Of course, you can only add those guests to your live video who are watching it while it’s happening.

3. Similar to the individual live video you will get an option to share the collaborative live videos to stories once ended.

So, this is how two people can go live in the same video on Instagram from now on. This should definitely get more users to go live on Instagram and socialize more often. What are your thoughts?


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