Get Notified if Someone Hacks your Facebook Account

Everyone wants to keep them safe & secure, especially on social networking sites where lots of photos, videos, personal data and other stuff is uploaded daily. The online giant Facebook provides a very good feature for their users to make them feel secure. It lets you get notified if someone attempts to hack your Facebook account or tries to log in. Take precaution and get to know if someone hacked your Facebook account.

The procedure to get to know if someone hacked your Facebook account:

  1. Navigate to the Settings by clicking the drop down icon placed at the top right corner.
  2. In Settings, click Login Notifications. It will show you two options for how you want to get notified, either by Email or Text message. You can also opt for both methods so that you can get notified by email as well as by text message.
  3. Now Click on Save Changes button.
  4. Logout from your Facebook account and then login. Before visiting your Facebook profile homepage it will ask you about the “Save Browser” or “Don’t Save”. As soon as you click on Save Browser you will be notified that your Facebook account was accessed by this particular device. But from next time onwards it won’t notify you for that device only as you have saved the browser.
get to know if someone hacked your facebook account -notifications

Notification Settings

It is recommended that do not click on Save Browser option if you are not going to use your Facebook account on someone else device otherwise you will not get notification if your account was accessed by that device again.

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If by mistake you have clicked on Save Browser on someone else device, no need to worry, you have the option to remove that “Save Browser” option from your Facebook account itself for that particular device also.

To remove Save Browser from the particular device, head over to the Settings -> Security and then look for the “Trusted Browsers” as shown in below picture. Click on Edit and you can see in “other devices” the list of all the devices where you have clicked on Save Browser with dates. You can click on remove so that from next time if someone try to access or hacks your Facebook account from that device then you will get the notification.

get to know if someone hacked your facebook account - trusted browser

Trusted Browser

If you try to access your Facebook account other than the device you have registered then you will be notified. That means if you or someone else try to access your account from other device you will be notified by the Email or the Text message, whichever you have opted for.

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You will get notified with the message that someone has accessed your Facebook account with device type (android or windows or others), browser and time also. Apart from this you will also be notified by the notifications option in your Facebook profile so that you get to know if someone hacked your Facebook account or not.


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