How to Get Old WhatsApp Status Feature on Android

WhatsApp latest update introduced a new status feature where you can upload photos/videos/GIF. The status is no more the same as a simple text like what it was before in older version of WhatsApp. Many of the WhatsApp users are not happy with this update and wants to rollback to old WhatsApp status feature. Users are criticizing the latest update by saying that the old status feature was making WhatsApp unique in its own way but now it’s similar what they see in Instagram & Snapchat Stories. For all those users who didn’t quite like the latest status update and are looking to get old WhatsApp status feature can follow the easy method, we have mentioned here.

Rollback to Old WhatsApp Status Feature on Android


Rollback to Text WhatsApp Status Feature On Android

You need to rollback to previous WhatsApp version to get the text WhatsApp status feature. For that, you need to install the previous version of WhatsApp. Follow the below steps to achieve the same.

1) The current version of WhatsApp is 2.17.74 and to get the old status feature on WhatsApp you need to download and install WhatsApp version 2.17.60.

2) Once you have downloaded WhatsApp from the above link, just setup your WhatsApp account with your number.

3) Whoa! You will see the older screen and tabs on WhatsApp. Tap on the 3 dots at the top right and look for status. You are good to go with the “text status” on WhatsApp.

Note: You cannot have both the status feature in one WhatsApp account. Means either you can have text status using the above method or have stories like status using the latest version available at Google Play Store.

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It was this simple, in just a couple of steps, you were able to rollback to the old status feature of WhatsApp. We have tried and tested the WhatsApp version mentioned in the above link. If you face any issue with this version of WhatsApp, please do let us know via comments.

Do you think you will install the previous version to use the text WhatsApp status? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Hello Hemant,

    This tweak is not working in my case. “App not installed” error is occurring. Can you please help me in rectifying it.

    • Hello Rishabh, make sure you have uninstalled the current WhatsApp app. Also, please switch off automatic updates of Apps over Wi-Fi. It will update your WhatsApp to new WhatsApp without your permission.


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