How to see read receipts on WhatsApp Web

Last Updated: October 31, 2016

Follow this tutorial to know how to get read receipts on WhatsApp Web. Most of us know about getting the details of the WhatsApp message and knowing whether it was seen or not by the recipient on WhatsApp smartphone Android, iOS and Window app. But what if you are more of a WhatsApp Web user? Continue reading this article to get Message Info and Read Receipts on WhatsApp Web.

Get Read Receipts on WhatsApp Web

Personally, I use WhatsApp Web a lot and find it useful in cases when I don’t want to handle multiple devices. Then I make use of WhatsApp Web so that I don’t have to use my phone. The information in this article is useful for anyone who uses WhatsApp Web. So, let us get started.

To start let us first have a quick look at how to see Message details on app.

See when was your message read on WhatsApp app

On WhatsApp iOS app, simply swipe towards left on the desired message you sent. You will the see the Message Info screen which has Delivered and Seen timestamp.

See when WhatsApp message was read
Swipe left on the message to get this screen

For Android app, long press on the message and select Info icon at the top to see the read receipt and message delivery details.

See Read Receipts on WhatsApp Web

To see the Message Info on WhatsApp Web follow the steps given below.

1. Open WhatsApp Web and select the desired conversation.

1. Hover on the desired message sent by you for which you want to get the Seen details.

2. On hovering over the message, a downward arrow will appear at the top right of the message. Click on it and select Message Info.


Click near the area where the timestamp and ticks are shown on the message you sent.

Get Read Receipts on WhatsApp Web
Use the downward arrow or click near Timestamp or ticks

These two ways will open up Message Info screen where you can get to know when was your message seen on WhatsApp Web.

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We wish that this article helped you to get WhatsApp message read receipt on Web. Share it with your friends and subscribe to our newsletter for more updates on WhatsApp.


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