How to Get iPhone X Notch on Android Phones

Are you one of those who likes the iPhone X notch at the top? Or do you want to try it out just to see how it feels on a smartphone? Well, we got some good news for you. You don’t have to change your phone or buy the expensive iPhone X to try out the notch. In this guide, we mention an easy solution to get iPhone X notch on Android smartphones. By following the method here you can put an iPhone X-style notch on any Android phone.

Get iPhone X Notch on Android

There’s already an app that lets you add a notch at the top of your Android device. And guess what it has already crossed 1,00,00 installs. This clearly suggests that Android users are eager to get their hands on it even though most of them are mocking it.

I tried the app on Gionee S7 running on Android 5.0 and it worked like a charm. Here’s how you can also make the notch appear on your Android phone.

  • Head over to Play Store and search for XOutOf10 app or use the following link.
  • Open the app after it is installed successfully. If your Android version is later than 6.0 then allow the app the permission to draw over other apps by tapping on If It’s Your First Run, Permit Drawing Over Apps.

Get iPhone X Notch on Android

  • Now, tap on Start. Soon you will see a cut-out at the top which will be there on all the screens(Home, within apps, etc.).

iPhone X-Style notch on any Android phone

  • To switch back to normal screen select Stop and the notch will disappear.

Note: The notch will cover 70% of the status bar and hide some of the screen contents like battery level, network and maybe some part of the time. So, you got to compromise this data for the notch on Android.

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Thanks to this app you don’t have to spend $999 to get the notch. Not only does it save you a lot of money but also the notch is a tap away with this app.

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