Get Connected in Real Time Via Microsoft’s ‘Holoportation’

It seems the technological knowhow of Microsoft keep getting better with every passing day. It’s like what world’s think tomorrow, Microsoft thinks it today. And this time, Microsoft is all set to give a grand surprise to its followers with the introduction of Hololens, the invention called “holoportation”. It’s indeed a ground-breaking discovery, where the users will be able to project a live image (talking and walking) of themselves.

Yes! It sounds something totally similar to what you have seen in the Star Wars and in all those shows which are high with sci-fi elements. Well, it’s nothing but the tricks of technology, which is finally all set to be here with Microsoft’s “Holoportation”.

real time Microsoft Holoportation

In general terms, Holoportation is a fresh concept of “capture technology” that can effortlessly create top-notch 3D models of people and transmit it globally in the real time. In short, it’s completely like those 3-D holographs of people popping out of little balls in the Star Wars. Isn’t it pretty exciting?

However, we must not forget that there some momentous differences between Microsoft’s capture technology and how the things are conceived in the movies. The users, looking to experience the Holoportation would need to put on a pair of HoloLens, through which they can see, hear, and interact with the other participants remotely. Everything will be conceived in a 3D environment, so as to make the participants feel that they are actually present in the same room.

To give the image its desired perfection, a special camera will be required to strategically project the image. It should come with a system that is able to capture, squeeze and finally transmit the images of being projected. There’s a wonderful facility of playing playback of the previous interactions. Isn’t it just wow?

I am sure, you have already got that Microsoft’s Holoportation is actually an Augmented reality and not just a simple Virtual reality. And honestly, the concept of Virtual reality (which has been hitherto a “super hit” in the world of web) does not really fit in the virtual teleportation thing.

No doubt, Microsoft’s “capture technology” has got everything to literally outshine all those smart ways we have been using for communication so far. Talk about Cellphones and Skype? Well, Holoportation is much ahead. You get to talk to the person face to face, no matter how far they are.

Now coming at the budget part, we must say that “convenience” is expensive. The development kit of the Holoportation costs $3000 alone. So yes, you are getting it right that you can’t expect your best friend projecting him into your room, unless he is having a great deal of money. And there’s some space constraints too, though Microsoft believes it can be soon addressed with some improvement in the technology itself.

So, what are you waiting for? Holoportation is finally here and if it ever hits the everyday life, you can even have celebrities performing in your room only.


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