Future robots will be controlled by thoughts

“All the biggest technological inventions created by man says little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about his laziness” words by Mark Kennedy are proved righteous once again. The researchers at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Switzerland have successfully developed a robot which can be controlled through thoughts and mere brain signals. Simply by thinking and wearing a brain machine exclude hindrances of operating a remote or verbally ordering the robots.

The researchers headed by Professor Jose Del R. Milan, had been working on this project to assist the disabled people across the world. There focus and motive of developing this machine was to provide a support system to all differently able population.

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Firstly, the working of the electrode-studded hat was analysed for few days for appropriately reading the signals of the pilots or subjects. After complete assessment of the machine the pilots instructed the movements to the robots which were exactly followed. The disabled subjects effectively ordered the actions according to their terms.

robots controlled by thoughts

In addition to that, healthy people from Italy, Switzerland and Germany also participated in the piloting of the robots through internet. They all were connected through Skype and the by the virtue of its screen, video camera and wheels the robot followed and moved with filming on the computers. The unique test showed robots controlled by thoughts when  instructed by the disabled and healthy pilots. The disabled piloted the robots like they only are implicating their thoughts with utmost ease.

The special ability which makes this robot an exception is avoiding obstacles. They can overcome all barriers while performing their task without any separate indicators which makes the work of the pilot highly simpler. Also, the robot can execute exceedingly well when they do not receive any further signals as they will move on the path already indicating and then stop as soon as ordered. The pilots can also give the instruction to rest, if in case the robots are tired.

The field of robotics and its developments have been increasing rapidly in the 21st century. With proper examinations and proofing the Swiss researchers are confident about this higher notch in promoting robots for betterment of the society in an astonishing manner. Soon robotics will be a major part in the lives of physically challenged population and contribute for the well being of the civilization. These extraordinary inventions are what the world needs to be a better place.


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