Free Voice Call may come soon in WhatsApp

Last Updated: February 8, 2016

Each time I write a new article related to WhatsApp the number of users goes up. Last time the number of WhatsApp users were over a 500 million and now the number of WhatsApp users are over a 600 million with over a 50 million WhatsApp users in India alone.WhatsApp needs no introduction now, unless you are from a completely different planet as WhatsApp has now become a widely used messaging Application.With so much popularity and usage there may be new free voice call feature in WhatsApp soon.

WhatsApp voice call

Voice Calling Feature in WhatsApp coming soon

There are rumors from media that soon WhatsApp will release a new free voice call feature.With this feature users will be to place audio calls to their contacts who are using WhatsApp messenger.The rumor is backed up by the leaked images of the upcoming user interface which shows that WhatsApp has been enabled with multiple language support and translations which will be shown when user receives a call via WhatsApp.Therefore,with this change it can be said that WhatsApp is soon coming up with voice call feature.

As we all know WhatsApp was taken over by Facebook a few months earlier and now they are updating the application with new features and enhancements. Voice Call feature will definitely be a good addition to the list of features Facebook has added to WhatsApp since overtaking the messaging application.

WhatsApp has already experienced 15% rise in the traffic since Facebook acquired it and voice call feature will definitely take this percentage a lot higher.

Even though the voice call feature is already there in a few social messaging applications like Line,Viber etc. but these applications do not have the popularity and the number of users WhatsApp has.Hence this feature is going to be huge one in WhatsApp.


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