Now make free calls online to landlines or mobiles with latest Call+ App

On reading the title of the article one may think that there is nothing new about this Call+ App as free online calling is there since a long time when the most popular free online calling App Skype came in 2003. However, there are a few new and exciting features in Call+ App and is considered as a next generation free calling application. Call+ App is launched for android and iOS platforms currently.

free online calling - Call+
Call+ App

Free Online Calling Call+ Application Features

The best feature of this free calling application for android and iOS is that the recipient of the call need not have Call+ installed at the other end. This feature alone makes Call+ stand out from the existing free online calling applications like Skype or Viber where the App needs to be installed at both the ends to make a free online call.

Make free calls online to mobiles or landlines to 85 different countries which include USA, India, Bangladesh, Mexico, Canada, Brazil and many more. Calls to USA and landlines in Mexico, China and Brazil are free for everyone and you will need to add days of service to make calls to India, Bangladesh, Mexico and Brazil. Days of service can be added for free inside the app by participating in their partner program or buy at $ 0.99/ day and make unlimited calls.

Tag line of the application says 

FREE Call to REAL Phones

The REAL here is the most important word to understand here. It means that you can make free calls to a phone number without the phone (receiving the call) having the Call+ App installed.

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With Call+ App you can talk for free without any limit  everyday to any covered destination. There is no need of paying a per minute fee for placing international calls.

With Call+ App showing up as another free online calling App in the Android and iOS App stores, its tough competitors will be Skype and Viber who have a strong hold on customers. Having said that Call+ App already has come up with a new feature which was never there in existing free online calling apps.


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