Top 4 Free Movie Apps for iPhone in 2017

If you are a movie maniac, you most likely only have two hobbies; streaming and watching. After all, what is life without a great series to follow? If you have a hot looking iPhone, you need to load it with movies and other series. This way a long weekend or an otherwise boring journey are instantly better by the thrill of movies and the suspense of a good series. The market, however, is saturated by Android movie apps. You may, therefore, be wondering if there are any good movie apps for your iOS device. The good news is that there are! The great news? Well, a perfect collection of movie apps for iPhone is achievable.

Free Movie apps for iPhone

Free Movie Apps for iPhone

1. Tubi TV

Tubi TV Movie app

Tubi TV has taken the industry by storm. It is a single app that provides customers with everything movies. If you are not impressed by the collection offered by Netflix, this app is just what you need. It provides free movies and series. Have you searched for a category or movie on Netflix and can’t find it? Tubi has it. It has specialized in offering what is not on Netflix. It is, therefore, a must have for any iPhone owner.

Tubi TV on App Store

2. SnagFilms

SnagFilms Movies app

Compared to Android device owners, iOS users have always had an issue finding good solo apps. Snagfilms is a great app because it can support numerous platforms. This is the reason most users have a preference for this app. Not only is this app absolutely free, it also offers you a collection of more than 50,000 movies and series. It also gives you categories such as cult and silence movies that are rare and unheard of.

SnagFilms on App Store

3. Hotstar

Hotstar Movie app for iPhone

If you are looking for an app that will provide you with the best quality movies, this is it. It constantly surpasses the expectations one has in terms of quality and its streaming potentials. If you are a fan of sports, this will also give you free live coverage to all your favorite team’s matches. If the free version does not offer what you are looking for, it has a cheat premium version that gives you access to new episodes of the most recent series.

HotStar on App Store


4. Viewster

Viewster iOS Movie App

This is perhaps the only entertainment app that gives its users a unique collection of series and movies. It gives you animations and documentaries too. Anime series are addictive and may be something you want to try.

Viewster on App Store


Most of the time, you don’t want to pay for sign up fees. These free movie apps give you access to full-length content. Most of these apps constantly add new content, so you will never run out of something new to watch.


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