Forward WhatsApp Messages to multiple chats at once with latest update

WhatsApp released an update wherein it is possible to forward messages to multiple contacts at once in WhatsApp for iOS and Android. Apart from that, there are few more significant updates introduced in WhatsApp for iOS. In this article, we throw light on all the new features incorporated in latest WhatsApp update and how to forward WhatsApp messages to multiple chats/contacts/groups at once.

Let us first go ahead with the first major update which forwarding messages to multiple contacts and groups at once.

How to Forward WhatsApp messages to multiple chats

The procedure is almost similar for both iOS and Android WhatsApp app with very slight difference. Refer to the screenshots attached for iOS and Android.

Most important step is to, of course, update your WhatsApp to latest version(2.16.10 for iOS and 2.16.259 for Android) and then follow the procedure below.

1. Open WhatsApp and select the desired conversation.

2. Long tap on the message in the conversation which you wish to forward.

For iOS – Select Forward from the options presented.

Forward WhatsApp message to multiple chats

For Android – select multiple messages if desired and move to the next step.

3. For iOS – Select the messages you want to forward. WhatsApp provides you the liberty to forward multiple messages at once. After selecting the messages, tap on the arrow icon at the bottom left corner.

Forward WhatsApp messages

For Android – tap on the arrow icon at the top right corner.

4. This screen is the main difference. Now you will get the option to select multiple contacts/groups to whom the message can be forwarded.

For iOS – Select the ones desired and tap Forward at the bottom right corner.

forward messages in whatsapp to multiple groups

For Android –  Select the right arrow icon at the bottom right as shown in the screenshot below.

forward whatsapp messages to multiple chats android

With this, your message(s) is forwarded to multiple conversations at once.

Other Significant Updates

WhatsApp had to release this update close to the release of iOS 10 as with latest iOS Apple has opened up Siri to third-party apps/developers. This is one of the top iOS 10 features. Siri 3rd party app support means that now you can ask Siri to send WhatsApp messages or place WhatsApp calls. And that is what latest WhatsApp update allows you to do.

WhatsApp call now comes as a normal cellular call on iPhone which can be answered from phone’s lock or home screen. Check the image below.

WhatsApp calls as standard phone calls

With this changing ringtone for WhatsApp incoming calls is not possible anymore within WhatsApp app. It will take the same ringtone set for phone contacts.

This update is for both Android and iOS. While forwarding or sharing messages contacts and groups whom you contact frequently will appear. This will be useful in saving some time. Apart from that, there is a forward button added for every photo and video that appear in the conversation to quickly forward media files.

Quick Forward WhatsApp messages

This was all introduced in the latest WhatsApp update. Share this article with your friends to let them know about all of it. Feel free to drop a comment for any relevant query.


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