How to Fix Site Security Certificate Error in Browser

User faces the problem of security certificate error when they try to browse for SSL sites. SSL is an acronym for Secure Socket Layer; it is used to provide security for user’s information like account details, passwords and many such other information in social, banking, mailing websites, etc. So when you are trying to access such secured websites which are using SSL you may get the error “The site’s security certificate is not trusted!” .The browser displays the error that the certificate is not trusted, this is because of browsers security settings. So to overcome the security certificate error I am writing this article to provide solutions for different browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Ways to Fix the Site Security Certificate Error


SSL Settings for Google Chrome

To overcome the site’s security certificate error, follow the below steps:

Step 1) Open Google Chrome, Go on settings icon

chrome settings icon




Step 2) Navigate to the Option, click it, Google Chrome option window will appear.

chrome options











chrome manage certificates

Step3) In Google Chrome Option window, switch to Under The Hood tab.


Step 4) In that window click the Manage Certificates button.


Step 5) Now select the certificates to import in Google chrome and click on Import button.


Step 6) Close the browser and again open to reflect the changes.





SSL Settings for Internet Explorer

In Internet explorer you can solve this problem by performing below steps:

Step 1) Open Internet Explorer, Go to Tool menu and select Internet Options.

internet explorer options












internet explorer security certificate


Step 2) Look for the Advanced tab and navigate to the Security section under it.


Step 3) Now uncheck the checkbox to disable the Check for server certificate revocation as shown in the picture.


Step 4) Click OK button and then restart the browser, now browse for the SSL sites and it will work perfectly no error.







SSL Settings for Mozilla Firefox

In Mozilla Firefox also the procedure to overcome the issue is same like other browsers, you need to import the certificates as mentioned below in steps:

Step 1) Open Mozilla Firefox, Go to Tools section and select Options.

firefox options







firefox security certificate

Step 2) After this, navigate to the Advanced tab and click Encryption tab under it.


Step 3) Now click on View Certificates button, a Certificate Manager window will appear.


Step 4) In Certificate Manager window look for the certificate names and import those.


Step 5) Click OK button and restart the browser.

 I hope this article helped you to overcome the problem. Now you can browse for the SSL sites without the interruption of security certificate error.


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