How to fix blue screen of death error

Are you fed up with the blue screen death error?. There could be many reasons for blue screen of death giving you physical memory dump error. This is a very serious issue as it makes adverse impact on Hard Disk and Windows OS which leads to loss of permanent data on Hard Disk. The factors and the solution for the blue screen of death error is today we have shared.

blue screen of death error - screen
Blue screen of death error

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Ways to fix the blue screen of death error.

  1. Overheating: This could be the top most reason for the blue screen of death error or the physical memory dump. Observe the overheating of laptop, by touching the base of your laptop you can observe if its getting heated or not. It could be because of the fan mounted on top of the CPU has stopped working. You can replace the fan with better branded one. Or you can buy a cooling pad which you connect to the USB of your laptop and place the laptop over it.
  2. Corrupt Windows: Corrupt Windows in a system may lead to physical memory dump problem. Update your windows or Install a fresh copy of Windows on your system. It’s recommended to install Windows 7 or later Windows OS as they are less prone to corrupt and virus.
  3. RAM issue: Majority of times the blue screen physical memory dump problem comes due to the memory fault. We recommend you to run a memory diagnostic.MemTest is a free third party tool you can use to test memory and can be sure of that the physical dump error is due to RAM or not. Replace your RAM if it’s the RAM issue.
  4. Corrupt Hard Disk: The blue screen of death error or physical memory dump error can also occur due to the corrupt Hard Disk. Make sure the you are not getting clicking or beep noises from system, actually it comes from hard disk. If noise is coming, immediately shutdown your system. Replace the Hard Disk and install a fresh copy of Windows. Continue usage of such corrupt Hard Disk will make permanent damage to it and the data cannot be recovered.
  5. Loosely Connected Drives: This could be one of the reason for the blue screen of death error in windows. Check for the wires connected to the hard disk. The wires loosely connected to the hard disk having windows installed may leads to crashing of the system, appearing blue screen physical memory dump error. This you can check on your desktop system.

Their could be other factors also for blue screen of death error but above 5 are the main. Try to resolve this issue as soon as possible as it impacts your Windows, Hard Disk, Board, loss of data , etc.

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