Throwback: My five years with iPod Touch 4th generation

Listening to music, listening to podcasts, taking photos, playing games, competing against millions of users, watching videos and whatnot. The iPod Touch was the biggest revolution in the history of digital music and handheld gaming. Since Apple already ruled (and it still rules) the digital music marketplace, the iPod touch, apart from keeping its quality audio experience, completely changed the way people played games on a handheld device. Sorry PSP and Nintendo, but when the iPod touch was released in 2008, it changed the entire handheld gaming industry. It was just “an iPhone without a phone” for some while for others it was not less than a game changer.ipod touch 4th generation experience-

iPod Touch 4th Generation Experience

My first ever Apple device was an iPod touch 4th generation because my father agreed with the deal to buy me one if I scored well in grade 10. Being an Apple admirer and for the love of Steve Jobs, I wanted it badly to treasure a device from the world’s most innovative company in consumer electronics. I got it the next day (for 15,500 INR, I still remember the price) its release in India and was sure of the sturdy design and material that it will last for long, emphasizing the five complete years I’ve spent with this technology that still looks like it’s been designed just yesterday. Thanks to JonyIve and Steve Jobs for designing this remarkable piece of technology.  

The iPod touch 4 was the first iPod to have a camera and the Apple’s touted Retina display. The display is still amazing and the touch experience Apple devices give still reflects in this five year old technology. I primarily used it for listening to music and playing games while competing with my friends on Game Center (released with iOS 4). While the battery life is still pretty impressive when listening to songs and podcasts, the 4th generation iPod Touch couldn’t hold longer when browsing the internet or playing videos (considering I never had anything tweaked or replaced in it)but it is still a great music and a podcast player.

The iPod touch 4th generation was the thinnest iPod ever and the chromium finished back gave that rich and quality look to the device even though it was extremely vulnerable to scratching. This device was the first in the iPod lineup to have the front facing camera or in Apple’s terminology the FaceTime camera along with iMessages and iCloud. The device still gives around five days of stand-by time and around 25 hours of music playback.ipod touch 4th generation experience

This little piece of technology can still compete when we talk about design and functionality and how everything works so well even after five years of constant usage when most of the devices show their true colors after a year or so. It is so impressive that even after such a long time the device does what it was envisioned to do. No deny in the fact that Apple makes its devices for the long run when there comes no obvious reasons that jeopardizes the life of the device: water? Smashing? Or those YouTube experiments on the Apple products.

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The device has a history associated with it: the Apple’s culture, its exception devotion to design, its numerous lawsuits and remarkable innovation. In all, the iPod touch 4th generation will be my favorite Apple device even when it tries to ditch me and drops dead eventually.

Note: The iPod touch 4th generation is not available in markets now and has been replaced with a 4-inch iPod touch without a camera.


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