How to Fit/Resize Instagram Photos Without Cropping

Last Updated: November 22, 2017

Instagram is all about sharing photos and videos and when you are not able to post your appealing pics on Instagram properly it’s quite disturbing. You might be facing an issue like not fitting of photo properly. If you want a particular size of the photo without cropping then you can use the photo resizing apps. But what if you don’t know about the exact size that will fit? Don’t worry, this article will help you post your picture with or without white background (any desired color you want). Let’s find out how to resize Instagram photos without cropping and make your full photo appear in the post.

Here comes the two situations, one where you are posting a single photo and the other one where you want to share multiple photos on Instagram in one post. Let’s take a look how you can post without cropping the picture in both the cases.

Methods to Resize Instagram Photos Without Cropping

Method 1: Sharing One Picture

When you are sharing single picture then you can use the feature provided by the Instagram itself. Here is how you can use it.

1) Open Instagram and tap on ‘+’ icon.

plus icon
2) Select the desired image you want to post without cropping.

3) Once it is selected you need to tap on the resize icon as shown in the below screenshot.

resize icon
As soon as you do it, the image gets fit.

resized image for instagram

Method 2: Posting Multiple Photos

You won’t find the option to fit the images when you are sharing multiple pictures in one post. We will be using an app for Android and for iPhone. In the below steps I have used an Android app, however, almost the same steps go for iOS.

1) The Android users need to Install “InstaShot” app from Play Store and iOS users can get “Photo Editor for Instagram” app from App Store on their devices.

2) Open the app, tap on the gallery icon to choose photos from gallery.


3) Once the image is opened, you can select the background color by tapping on the “texture” option at the bottom.

instashot resized

3) After this save the picture by tapping on the save icon at the top right. Make all the photos Instagram compatible in the same way.

4) Now open the Instagram app and add all the photos. That’s it.

You can use the same method to add profile picture without cropping on WhatsApp too.

Method 3: Taking Screenshot

If you have a horizontal photo, unlike the above one, you can try this method. This is another good and simple workaround. What you need to do is open the photo on gallery/camera roll of your device and take the screenshot of that.

And now try to post that image on Instagram, the whole image will fit properly.

This is how you can make big pictures smaller on Instagram with any background color. You can share your methods to resize Instagram photos without cropping.


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