7 Best Mozilla Firefox Alternatives To Browse The Internet

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Firefox is a free open source web browser created by Mozilla Foundation. It is one of the fastest and most used browsers among PC users. Being an open source application, most of the developers have already used its source code and created some new browsers that are totally based on Firefox.

If you are a Firefox lover then the browsers in this list can be the best Firefox alternatives for your Internet surfing.

1. Waterfox

Waterfox - alternative browser based on firefox

It is a web browser that is based on Firefox. Everything is similar here, except the color and logo of the browser. It will have all the features that you get on the Mozilla Firefox. This browser focuses on fast browsing, more secured privacy and tools so that you can open any website without worries. What extra it has to offer is the add-on feature. As Mozilla has reduced its focus on the plugins and extensions, Waterfox provides that to its users.

Download Waterfox

2. Google Chrome

Google chrome - Firefox alternatives

This browser is the one which I currently use. What I like about Chrome is that it’s elegant, well designed, minimalistic and the best thing it has plenty of add-on or extensions. You can download extensions from the Chrome web store for various purposes which are very useful and handy. There are various kinds of tools and applications in the extensions that can be used while working on the web without closing or minimizing the browsers.

Download Google Chrome

3. Chromium

Firefox alternative linux - chromium

Chromium is an open source web browser made by Google and the best Firefox alternative for Linux and Windows. This way, Chrome’s source code was made available for the interested developers. Though it shares almost much similarity with the Chrome browser, it has a different colored logo and a few distinct features. You can still add extensions to this browser from any third party developers, whereas, Chrome only supports extensions from the Chrome Web store.

Download Chromium

4. Firefox Quantum

Firefox quantum

Firefox Quantum is a brand new web browser that is ready to replace all the other browsers in the market. Mozilla has been working on this browser which can provide the user with much better Internet experience. As per Mozilla, it has twice the speed of web browsing and page loading than that of existing Google browsers. It is also available for smartphones and you can download it from their official website.

Download Quantum

5. Opera


Opera is one of the oldest web browsers, which was pretty famous for keypad phones. But if you wish to seek a reliable Firefox alternative then this can be the one. It is one of the safest browsers with which you can browse the Internet without any worry and it is also pretty fast, not like the Firefox, but close enough. If you have low Internet speed then Opera can be very useful in those situations.

Download Opera

6. Safari


Though Safari is a secure browser, which is only famous among the Apple platforms like iOS and macOS. The major difference between the Firefox and Safari is that they both use different rendering engines and Safari is not that much popular, apart from Apple users. This browser also lacks in add-ons, but if you want a decent browser and just surf the Internet then Safari is the best choice.

Download Safari

7. Microsoft Edge

Best firefox alternatives - Microsoft edge

Microsoft has so many products, each of them are quite useful and helps us a lot in our day to day work. So for the users to have a much better online browsing experience, Microsoft came up with Edge. Talking about the browser, it has one of the greatest UI and options easy to navigate through. As it is a Microsoft product, it has great security, add-on features, and powerful performance. You will also get integrated Cortana voice assistance. Edge is about to bid the old Internet Explorer goodbye. This can be your next browser like Firefox but is only available for Windows 10 as of now.

Download Microsoft Edge

Which One Is The Best Firefox Alternative?

All these browsers provide almost similar features with some distinctive qualities. To be honest, all of the browsers in the list are great to use and easy to operate.

I myself prefer to use either Chrome or Firefox. Users who want 100% privacy and security may use other browsers that have made these features their priority. However, these browsers are a poor alternative to Firefox since they can be very slow, for example, like Tor.

But no matter which one you use, if you have a great Internet connection then none of them will let you down. It’s not necessary that these are the alternatives just for Firefox. In my opinion, they all are the perfect alternatives for each other.

3 thoughts on “7 Best Mozilla Firefox Alternatives To Browse The Internet”

  1. I agrees with Peter…Firefox is full of issues. With every update I need to spend a day trying to get Firefox to have the same “settings” as the previous version. I’ve not been successful and Firefox has become a temporary burden not a browser.

  2. Useless crap!
    If you stick to Chrome, then you don’t understand why people would prefer another browser.
    Firefox has far too many problems now, the Android version is completely useless and the Win 10 version constantly crashes.
    I am looking for privacy, multiple tab closure warning (Big problem with Chrome, where you can lose 10 tabs in an instant and they constantly spy on you).


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