How to Find Trending Instagram Hashtags for More Likes

Last Updated: May 27, 2017

Hashtags are used to increase your posts appearance publicly. So when you tag your post with a hashtag, others will be able to see your pictures and videos on that hashtag Instagram page. Don’t worry if you are having a tough time to find trending Instagram hashtags to make your photos and video reach out to more people and eventually gain more followers. In this article, I will list out best hashtag apps for Instagram users.

These Instagram hashtag apps for Android and iPhone will help you out with the popular tags that will get you more likes on your posts.

Find Trending Instagram Hashtags on Android

The below Android app will help you get popular and relevant hashtags for your Instagram post.

1) Open Google Play store and search for HashTags for Instagram or click here to download.

2) Once the app is installed, open it. You can look for the popular ones or can go for the specific tags like fitness, animals, nature or others.

how to get popular instagram hashtags for posts - all

3) You can go more specific in a particular category also. Like in Nature you will find beach, sunset, general and others. This will help you to tag your post with more specific hashtags.

how to get popular instagram hashtags for posts - general

4) As soon as you open any hashtag category, you will be shown all the tags. Here I have selected Nature General category. You can tap on copy option for Instagram. Once you tap on that, your Instagram app will open.

how to search popular instagram hashtags for likes - copy

5) Compose your Instagram post and just before sharing, in Caption section long tap and paste the copied hashtags.

how to find popular instagram hashtags for more likes - hashtags

That’s it. You can share the post now and start getting more likes 🙂

Best Hashtags for Instagram is another Android App, click here to download.

Get Popular Instagram Hashtags on iPhone

iOS users can go with the below app to get the trending hashtags for Instagram posts.

1) Tagomatic is the app for iPhone users. You can download the app from here.

2) After you have installed the app on your device, open it.

3) You have to log in via your Instagram account, unlike Android app.

4) Next, you need to type in the word related to your Instagram post on the search bar.

5) You will be listed with all the hashtags related to that word. Select appropriate hashtags by tapping on them. After you are done with your selection, tap on the “Go to Instagram” option available at the bottom menu.

how to find popular instagram hashtags for more likes on ios - hashtags

6) It will ask you to copy the hashtags to the clipboard and open Instagram app.

how to search for popular instagram hashtags to get more likes on iphone- hashtags

7) Create your Instagram post and while adding the caption, paste the copied hashtags.

instagram apps to find hashtags on iphone - paste

Another iOS app is Hashtag Generator, you can get it from here.

Note: The use of Hashtags will only be helpful for you when your Instagram profile is public. If it is private than other people apart from your followers will not be able to see your posts on the hashtag page and the chances to gain more likes will not be there.

I hope these iOS and Android apps helped you in finding trending and unique hashtags for Instagram posts to get more likes. If you have experience with any other app, do share with us.


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