How to Find Missing Search Bar on Facebook Page

We have already covered earlier how you can search Facebook page or group for specific posts. In that tutorial, I used the example of our TechUntold Facebook page. However, a few days back I realized the search option on the TechUntold page was no longer there. The search is usually found on the right sidebar below the label/text which mentions the type of Facebook page. For TechUntold it is Computers & Internet Website. But as I said it wasn’t there. After looking into it for some time I found it. This quick guide will help out all users who are looking to find missing search bar on Facebook page.

Search on Facebook page for specific posts
Previously Search option was present

I am admin of multiple Facebook pages. For a few of them, I could find the Search bar on the page where we all expect it to be i.e. below cover photo on the right sidebar. However, for some, it was not there including TechUntold’s page.

Missing Search Bar on Facebook Page
Search Option has disappeared from the Homepage

We didn’t change any settings apart from merging two of our pages into one. I am really not able to get the reason for it disappearing from there. But the good news is if you don’t find the search bar on any Facebook page’s main screen then you can follow the steps below to get it.

Find Missing Search Bar on Facebook Page

1. Open Facebook website and go the desired page.

2. If the search option is not there then click on Posts at the left sidebar.

Find Missing Search Bar on Facebook Page

This will do the trick. You should see the search bar below the cover photo. Go ahead and search on your favorite Facebook page.

The behavior is really weird and I have no idea at all why the search bar is missing from the as usual location on certain pages. But relieved to have found it for now.

We hope that you were able to find the missing search bar on any Facebook page. Please share this article to help others with this annoying issue.


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