How to find Facebook Page and User Id

If you are looking to find the Facebook page or user id to view hidden profile picture on Facebook or for some other reasons then you are at the perfect place you want to be right now. This tutorial will share the method to find your as well as someone’s Facebook User id and any other Facebook page id.

There is a high probability that you might require FB profile id or page id while integrating your Facebook page or profile respectively to any other platform. So here we are with a solution with which you can quickly get the Facebook page or profile id.

How to find Facebook Page and User ID

Find Facebook Page Id

I will share 2 methods to get the page id. Use the first one if you want to know the id of the page which you own. The second method will give id of any page on Facebook including yours.

Method 1: Get Id of your Facebook page

1. Open Facebook on Chrome browser on PC.

2. Login to your Facebook account and navigate to your page for which you want to know the id.

3. Click on About on left sidebar.

Scroll down in Page Info and at the bottom, you will find your Facebook Page ID. Similarly, you can get to know page id of other pages you own.

Find Facebook page id

Method 2: Get ID of anyone’s Facebook page

1. Open Facebook on your PC preferably using Chrome or Firefox browser.

2. Login to Facebook and navigate to your or any other page for which you want to get the ID.

3. Once you are on the Facebook page, right click and select “View Page Source” or simply press (Ctrl + U) on the keyboard.

Find someone Facebook page id

4. A new web page with all the code will open up. Use Ctrl+F and search for “page_id=“. The numbers you will see after that is the Facebook id of the page you opened above.

Find anyone Facebook page id

Similarly, you can use the same method and know the id of any Facebook page.

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Let us get to Facebook user id now.

Find Facebook User ID

Using the method below you can find your as well as anyone’s Facebook’s profile ID even if you are not friends with them.

1. Open Facebook on PC using Chrome browser.

2.  Login and go the Facebook profile for which you want the ID.

3. When you are on the profile page, right click and select “View Page Source” or press “Ctrl+ U“.

4. When the web page with all the code opens search for “profile_id=“. The digits after that is the Facebook user id of the profile you opened.

Find someone's Facebook profile id

With this method, you can find anyone’s Facebook profile id.

Lastly, I would like to share with you a web tool which gives you the page and profile id using the Facebook URL of that page or id. With that tool, you can get the user id if you know the Facebook username. You can use this tool if you found above steps complicated.

Find Facebook ID from username

Have a look at the  video tutorial to find Facebook page and profile ID.

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