Top 8 Features Other Messaging Apps Have that WhatsApp Doesn’t

In this article we have mentioned a list of interesting features that other instant messaging apps have but WhatsApp doesn’t. So, you can through this article to know features missing in WhatsApp which may be added in future updates.

Features Missing in WhatsApp messenger

When it comes to choosing a messaging app, you definitely can’t complain about the lack of options. You have quite a few to choose from, you can either go for Facebook Messenger, Google Allo, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Hike, Telegram, WeChat, and Line. These are the ones you have right now, but you never know when another messaging app will launch in the future.

All of these messaging apps are great and have useful features, but they are always missing something.  For example, you have WhatsApp. Little by little it’s adding more and more features that keep this messaging app in its number one spot. But, don’t you feel that it’s missing something? Here are the features WhatsApp doesn’t have but other messengers have.

Features Missing in WhatsApp Messenger

1. WhatsApp doesn’t Have a Virtual Assistant

Not too long ago, Google surprised us with Google Allo. This new kid on the block has promised to try and dethrone WhatsApp, but only time will tell if that actually happens. Allo is better than WhatsApp in that it has a virtual assistant and WhatsApp doesn’t.

The App with the Best Virtual Assistant

With Allo’s virtual assistant you can look up all kinds of information and even have it tell you some jokes as well. If you ever need to look something while using WhatsApp, you have to close the app and look for Google´s search bar. Once you’re done searching, launch WhatsApp again, ugh, so annoying!

2. WhatsApp Doesn’t Have Integrated Games

If you want to use a messaging app that includes games right into the app, use Hike. It’s a great app full of useful features that I´m sure you´re going to love and doesn’t make you leave the app to enjoy them.

3. WhatsApp Limits the Amount of Videos/Pictures You Can Send

You had so much fun while you were on vacation and you want to share the videos you recorded. You don’t want to spend the entire day sending videos so you want to batch send as many as possible. If you have quite a few videos to send, WhatsApp might not be the best choice.

With WhatsApp, you can only send up to 10 videos/pictures at the same time. If you use Telegram, you know that the messaging app doesn’t put any limits as to how many you can send. Oh! WhatsApp, when will you fix this?

4. WhatsApp Doesn’t Have Secret Chats

Another feature that WhatsApp needs to add is secret chats. Both Google Allo and Telegram offer this feature. Telegram goes one step further with its self-destructing features and Allo lets us start incognito mode. Oh! Almost forgot, with Allo, you can also decide how long you want the message to last. Hopefully, WhatsApp will add this soon.

How to Have a Secret Conversation on Allo

5. WhatsApp Doesn’t Offer an Integrated GIF Library

You can tell that WhatsApp has been trying to keep us happy when it comes to GIFS. The updates have only been integrations with other services, but other messaging apps have offered this for quite some time. Sure, WhatsApp does offer some GIFS, but with restrictions.

Features missing in WhatsApp

The only GIFS you can use are the ones that come from a link or if you have already downloaded GIFs into your device. Telegram offers a large variety of GIFs and you can easily use them in any conversation.

6. WhatsApp Doesn’t Offer Unlimited File Size and Formats

WhatsApp currently offers users the possibility to send files in formats such as PDF, Word, powerPoint, Excel, Etc. Users can also send contacts, locations, images, and videos but with limitations.

Other messaging services such as Allo and Telegram, you can send files without a size limit, so if you want to send a file that is 1GB big, you can. You can also send files in formats such as MP4, MP3, AVI MKV and any other type of format.

7. WhatsApp Limits the People you Have Access To

If you want to contact someone, you can only message them if you have their number in your contacts list, but with Facebook Messenger, that’s not necessary. You can message anyone (depending on the other person’s privacy settings) that has the app on their phone.

8. WhatsApp Doesn´t Have Animated Stickers

Emojis are great, don’t get me wrong, but the animated stickers Facebook Messenger has are better. For example, Messenger has all kinds of animated stickers such as the Dog in Love. If you choose the sticker where he licks a heart, the animation will repeat over and over.

The Best Animated Stickers for a Messaging App

In WhatsApp, you can only send emojis that blow kisses or have hearts as eyes, but no brief animation. WhatsApp needs to add some more life to their emojis and hopefully, they will do that soon.


I hope WhatsApp users don’t hate me after this, but wouldn’t it be better if the number one messaging app has these features?  It would certainly make it the kind of all messaging apps that offers everything there is to offer.

Until then, you can only dream of the day when the app adds these features. What features would you like WhatsApp to add? Leave a comment and let me know!

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