Windows 10: Special features, Issues and Bugs

Microsoft’s addition to the series of Windows series – Windows  10 is released and quite a lot of users have already started  upgrading their operating systems. People are quite a lot excited who have yet not installed it on their machines to experience the special features of this new edition of Windows. Well, talking about the features then windows 10 has got merged features of Windows 7 and Windows 8 with some extra special effects as well. For example, it has got a certain amount of graphics quality which has been never seen in any of the versions of windows and so this time Microsoft is attracting a lot of “Gamers” to use this new version.

And not only this, Windows 10 has got some marvellous security features for the machines. Guess what? It is consisting of face detection and fingerprint detection which enhances the security and privacy of the system to a higher level.

And above all, the best part is that—It’s absolutely free. Yes! It is available for the users for free on the web.

Issues and Bugs in Windows 10

Now the question comes—with such attracting features —does  Windows 10 contain any bugs? The answer to the question is – Yes. Not just bugs but some really very serious kind of flaws which are strongly noticed and complained about.

Mozilla CEO Mr. Chris Beard has expressed his disappointment in a letter given to Microsoft CEO Mr. Satya Nadela. The issue is Windows 10 forces it’s users to use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer as their default browser at the first place and if any other browser – say Mozilla Firefox itself is needed to be set as the default browser then there are some certain settings from which the user has to go through . It is a bit non-user friendly and upsets other browser hosts than Microsoft and Google. So it’s a major drawback of Windows 10.

This same kind of problem is noticed in the user views as well on the web, that this new version of Windows acts some sort of incompatible with software and hardware of different hosts.

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Moreover, even though the graphics quality is high but it has got some distortion in visual effects.  Not only this, some of the processes in Windows 10 start running by default and even changing the default settings is of no use for the users which is really very annoying such as the classic mode view of any file opened on the home screen is default and even after changing it – it starts running in the same way again the next time which seems irritating. Hence we can say that Microsoft has to work on these issues seriously and release the new version of Windows again with the bugs fixed. Let’s just hope Microsoft comes out with a better updated Windows 10.


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