Batteries which recharge with blink of an eye to come soon

Blink of an eye!! Surprised? Don’t take it literally but yes soon batteries which will charge in 30 seconds will be launched. Compared to today’s standards it will be apt to say blink of an eye as any smartphone battery takes 90 minutes to recharge currently. In the era where all around what we see is enhanced camera, processor, display resolutions and sizes, there is an Israeli start up StoreDot which is working on battery technology. Recharge battery in less than 2 minutes with the new device as well as battery StoreDot will soon come up with.

Earlier in 2014 at Microsoft’s Think Next Conference, StoreDot presented its super fast charging battery but it was not designed well and was as big as a laptop charger block. However, this year in CES(Consumer Electronics Show) at Las Vegas, StoreDot stunned everyone by charging the Samsung Galaxy S4 in exact 30 seconds. StoreDot CEO Doron Myersdorf had to say the following about the battery charging device which charged Galaxy S4 in 30 seconds.

It was created by using re-building battery technology from the bottom up

fast charging battery - StoreDot
Galaxy S4 recharged in 30 seconds


StoreDot has worked on charging the battery quickly rather than working on increasing battery capacity. Battery life will be less, around 5-6 hours but if battery recharges in 30 seconds, it won’t be a problem to recharge it twice or even thrice a day. Technology used by StoreDot in the batteries is completely different from the existing Technology. The nano crystal solution is five times more powerful than solution in currently commercially produced battery which leads to substantially decreasing the charging time.

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StoreDot has developed a charger which can charge smartphone in 30 seconds, however for now it only works for Samsung Galaxy S4. StoreDot has plans to make batteries for smartphones. However, to accommodate such batteries smartphones will have to alter their designs a bit. Also these batteries will add around USD 50 to normal cost of a phone. However, the benefit of the battery easily over weighs the cost and design factors. Users need not search for power switches in public places such as airport or railway station. At TechUntold, we will update as soon as other information comes up regarding fast charging battery by StoreDot.

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