Fans devastated with the new update of Pokemon Go

An unexpected day in the lives of “Pokemon Go” fans when they opt for updating the favorite game of the decade. Pokemon Go is not officially launched in all regions, however you can download Pokemon go from any location & the several fans all over the world are going crazy after the new update has dropped them back to level one. It was released on July 6th and had over 9.5 million daily active users playing the game. The location based Pokemon hunting game had an update on Android and iOS on Saturday but it seems that it was not worth updating for the gamers.

The latest version of Pokemon Go has promised to come with better features and several safety messages such as don’t drive” or “do not trespass while playing Pokemon Go”, but it had broken more things. After the players updated to the latest version, their accounts were automatically reset. The energy and time spent on collecting their favorite Pokemons went on waste and the angry fans took over social media to express their emotions.

fans devastated with the new update of pokemon go - featured-min

The new Pokemon Go update allows customizing the avatars at any time as the initial version allowed to set the avatar at the beginning of the game and no changes could be further made. It also allows the fans to lock their treasured Pokemons so that you do not accidentally end up exchanging them for Pokemon candies. It also fixed the damage values of battle moves that take place in gyms besides modifying the damage value calculation.

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But the update seems to be not a boon. The players have already started to claim their money back which they had spent on Pokemon Go or they want to reverse the change. It also removed the step counters which were used to determine the exact location or distance of your Pokemon. However, some are noted saying that they recovered their lost game after the update by using an alternative email to sign-in.

While the furious players are now hoping to get their progress back, the developers must try to fix all the glitches related to the latest update. No initiatives are taken yet but we hope the matter will be resolved soon.


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